Why the MacBook Pro’s Retina Display is Fantastic

The Design and Creation
From the exterior, it looks in the vein of a model MacBook Pro going on a diet. With the optical drive now out of the way and no 2.5-inch hard drive to occupy space. Apple has coped to cut off the profundity of the notebook considerably when compared to a standard MacBook Pro.

It is still thicker than the MacBook Air but about the same as most UltraBooks like the Lenovo U300s. It is a lot lighter too at roughly 2.02kg which makes it one of the lightest 15-inch notebooks out here and the fact that you still get the unibody aluminum finish is a huge bonus. The fit, finish and attention to detail is nothing short of brilliant, which is what we have come to expect from Apple products.

Unlike earlier MacBook Pro models, the new MacBook Pro also has you covered on the connectivity front. Apple has done away with FireWire and instead gone with USB 3.0 something that was a long time coming. You get two of these on either side along with a full sized HDMI and two Thunderbolt ports.

The Retina Display
The next big change is the screen. Retina Display is finally available on the MacBook and in ofer to keep a high enough pixel count, Apple has gone with a 2880 by 1800 resolution, which brings the count to 220ppi. This is less the iPad’s 260ppi but since you will be using the notebook at a further distance than a tablet, it balances out.

The LED backlit IPS panel is nothing short of gorgeous and the OSX has been tweaked a ittle with hig resolution icons that really come alive on this new display. You can immediately tell if an application has not been optimized for the screen as the icons, text, etc. will have a lot of jaggies and less sharpness. This will be all fixed though, once software manufacturers release updates. I tried opening up a bunch of photographs shot with a DSLR and even at 600 % zoom, I could barely see any pixilation which is pretty cool.

The Thinnest MacBook Pro Yet
The MacBook Pros’ Retina will be hitting Indian store shelves sometime this month for an approximate price of Rs1,520,900, which puts it a good 30,000 or higher, say, if you would pick it up from the US or Hong Kong. While this is undoubtedly expensive, it is a showcase of the absolute best Apple has to offer and quite frankly, there is simply nothing in the market quite like it. I am definitely impressed with what Apple has managed to achieve.

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