Why the iPhone has the Edge on the Mobile Phone Market?

The world of mobile phone technology was revolutionized with the establishment of Apple, Inc. in the 70s. The zero generation cellular phone may have been available during the WWII, but the generation prior to the first generation of cellular phone device first emerged in 1969. Even though the very first commercial cellular telephone network came in 1979, Apple took 28 years to release its first phone. And, the result was something that transformed the market.

Apple came out with its candybar smartphone that became a success even with its fierce competition and heavy price tag.

Apple was always about the design, which was more futuristic than the competition. And, the iPhones were the best example of this trend. While others were releasing the bulky phone having large keyboards and microscopic displays, Apple came out with sleek a device featuring touchscreen and applications that attracted geeks and kids. And, the competition now looks up to the iPhone series and most of them can be considered to be a degree of the clones of this one of the most popular mobile device series.

The phone device from Apple, iPhone comes with complete, inbuilt iPod. It did not only popularize mp3 players but it also sent out many competitors out of the competition.

When it comes to battery power, modern iPhones feature LiPo battery technology. This technology plays a crucial role in supporting the high technology-enabled iPhone. Another unique feature to this revolutionary mobile device series from Apple is the sensors used in saving battery power. The sensors are capable of turning off or adjusting the touchscreen as per the environment. They can even turn the screen off when you are on talking on the phone. The feature has even been used by Android operating system, a product from the competition.
The iOS 4 is the latest operating system developed for the latest iPhone model. It features more than 200 new features for users and a restructured SDK that has more than 1,500 latest APIs and great development tools. Some of the best names in this kit include the iCloud Storage, Core Image, Newsstand, Twitter Integration, AirPlay and much more.

When it comes to simplicity, the iOS platform is the king. It doesn’t require any expertise to install or open/close any apps, and in most of the cases you don’t have to make any changes to the settings. The iOS is used on the very hardware that it was designed for, which is unlike the OS platforms being used by some of the competition. This makes this OS one of the most reliable systems in cellular phone technology. When it comes to reliability rankings, iOS is ranked as the leading OS. And, this is what makes an iPhone the ideal mobile device for regular consumers and business people who want to be certain about their data.

When it comes to features, it is Apple that created the idea of Apps, and with contributions from other developers, even the competition today follows suit with this trend.

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