Why should you choose an iPhone over the other gizmo gadgets?

The market is currently flooded with smart phones with great functionalities and if you’re planning to buy an iPhone then you must know the real difference between all other phones and an iPhone. It consists of great interesting applications like great audio-video music feature, HD camera and many more Apple’s applications. iPhone in today’s era is one of the most functional device available in the market. To prove its worth, we have listed some great features of the iPhone.

Apps unlimited with Apple’s app store for the sauve iPhone:

iPhone comes with a damage resistant upper screen glass which protects it from scratches to a large extent; all this makes iPhone a great gaming device as hardware specifications of the iPhone are pretty high. As Apple apps store come up with new apps every day, week or month. An iPhone owner can never feel bored of this device. Some apps come in cheap dollars and some applications are free. Applications are not limited to games only therefore one can also download social networking apps for faster access, business apps, entertainment apps, utility apps and many more.

iTunes entertainment stuff on iPhone:
Apple iPhone buyers can easily navigate websites and can download latest albums and movie songs with the magnificent service of iTunes. iTunes allows users to download music tracks and video at highest quality which is best suited for the iPhone so that user can taste the fun of real high quality entertainment.

Great storage capacity:
With such a slim body you might be amazed to know the iPhone can store huge amount of data without any problem. Starting with 8GB models you can choose an iPhone with memory support upto 64GB.

Video camera capability to record HD videos:

Have you ever wondered to record videos of 1080p quality from a mobile device? Apple’s iPhone has made imagination turn into reality with gen next technology. Users can enjoy 8megapixels camera in iPhone 4s with professional camera features like LED flash, zoom and various shoot modes. Not only videos images can be captured on the iPhone but one can even view them in large LCD or LED screen as it possess HDMI port support.

Voice controlled device:
Unlike the other devices Apple iPhone provides much efficient voice control usage. One can play audio tracks or music videos by just commanding the phone by saying it. For ex- if you say “play Linkin parks what I’ve done”, the iPhone analyzes voice and matches with track present in the library and plays it for you. With the introduction of ‘siri’ in iPhone 4S, the voice control has just got better. No other smart phone has such great abilities and features over voice control as iPhone 4s does with ‘siri’ support.

Easy to repair:

As iPhone is the biggest shareholder in the smart phone market there are many manufacturers out in the market which produce spare parts of the iPhone. Also repair outlets of the iPhone are available in all countries where they are sold. There are many spare parts manufacturers, repairs services for iPhone which are not costly.

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