What’s new in iPad2?

A matter of only few inches

Most rumors dealt with the design, cover, shape and various accessories of the new Apple product.

The newest iPad model released by Apple, iPad2 is slimmer and lighter than the previous prototype. Due to this feature, the product can be used easier and confers to the user a high degree of autonomy and practicability. For someone always on the road and living under the pressure of communications, iPad2 may be the most practical gadget. Using the wireless feature, you can rapidly answer your e-mails in-between meals, when you walk, before going to sleep and while browsing your favorite books at the library. And the list is open to any other working-under-pressure conditions.

This high degree of usability is conferred also by the elegant dimensions and the improved design. The iPad 2 presents almost the same dimensions with the previous model. In both cases, the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+3G models, the height is of 9.50 inches (aprox. 241 mm), width of 7.31 inches (185.7 mm), depth of 0.34 inches (8.8 mm) and weight of 1.33 pounds (aprox. 600 g). In comparison with the first iPad, iPad 2 is .16 inch smaller, .06 inch compact, and .16 inch slimmer than the previous model. Overall, iPad 2 is approximately two-thirds the width of the first iPad model, and 88 % of its weight (83 % in comparison with other 3G models).

Dual-core speed

The iPad 2 uses A5, the newest Apple-designed chip. It is an improved, dual-core version of the chip used for iPhone 4 and the previous iPad. In the case of the iPad 2, version, it presents 512MB of RAM—twice the capacity of the previous model—and a 200MHz transfer rate, twice faster than the first model.

Better cameras

An important improvement for iPad is the introduction of a camera with performing features. The front-facing digicam is the similar with the one available for iPhone 4 and the iPod touch. One of the most important advantages of the camera is the real life effect.

The real-time effects are provided through the HDMI cable which allows the connection with the TV, including the OPTIKS TV types. Thus, you can watch your favorite shows and movies enjoying the comfort of your home at standards similar to those offered in an elegant home theater.

Last but not least, the launch price – $499m – fully recommends this Apple product for a large category of customers. Did you already order your iPad2?

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