What are the improvements in the new iPhone 5 camera?

The new iPhone 5 camera is a dramatic upgrade with its iSight camera that can take amazing photos at 8 MP, and record 1080p HD video. There is remarkable improvement in the FaceTime camera that can be used for recording 720p HD video. The most stunning feature in its snap and shoot element is the ability to shoot photos while recording video at the same time.

Another amazing feature of the iPhone 5 camera is that there are adjustments to the UI to make the most out of the 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen. This means that the recorded video is going to entirely fill up the screen, while all the controls would also appear in the form of transparent buttons. This would not cause any hindrance in seeing what is being recorded. When you record video, there would be 3 main elements on the screen – the record button, the time elapsed and Apple’s new button to shoot pictures in between recording.

When you want to take a photo while recording video, you can simply tap on the camera icon to capture the image. The camera shutter responds extremely fast even when video recording is taking place. However, there is a minor difference in the resolution of the photos that you shoot in this mode. However, this difference is not significant.

Even though the main iSight camera may not have received any major quality upgrades, Apple has done some big improvements on iPhone 5’s front-facing camera. This can be told from the new improvement that iPhone now has a FaceTime camera that can record 720p HD video. There would be no comparison between the rear-facing iSight camera and the FaceTime, but iPhone 5’s FaceTime camera is much better than iPhone 4S’ front facing camera.

With the iPhone 4S, the rear-facing camera was the primary lens for recording oneself, but without seeing what was being recorded, due to the lower quality of the front facing lens. However, Apple has made it possible with its iPhone 5 cameras to record yourself while talking in front of the camera while watching yourself on the screen.

Apple never seemed to be serious about tackling the low-quality recording in low-light situations. Even though, there is no dramatic improvement in the case of iPhone 5 camera, still the video recording is of better quality compared to what the previous versions can do.

There are a few select points where iPhone 5 has made some dramatic improvements over the iPhone 4s. In addition to performance, the camera is one such feature. The unique thing is that a better quality is being delivered in a relatively thinner parcel. In addition, the larger screen with its 16:9 aspect ratio helps in improving the overall video recording experience. You would find the new camera to be the ideal portable video camera that you would have owned ever. Among all the improvements in iPhone 5 camera, the ability to capture pictures while recording video is one of the most notable features.

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