Upgraded Ipad 1 specs and features

While considering to picking up the iPad by Apple, the question arises in every one’s mind that how much better the Ipad 1 specs is, comparing to the original. Thus, it is much effective device with hardware upgrades that is better than any other device out there. Let’s analyze it in more detailed form and throw light on some of its major aspects and specs.

IPad Accessories:

One of the smartest Ipad 1 specs is that the iPad keyboard dock is used for charging the iPad with a keyboard. The dock has connector port at back side that enables you to connect through electrical USB Power Adapter, synchronize to your system and use Ipad accessories like Camera Connection Kit and audio port line helps you to connect to powered or stereo speakers.

IPad Case:

The ipad case is perfectly designed along with a soft microfiber interior and panel to provide solid structure that will carry your iPad from all the sides. It actually performs heavy duty by folding in a right place acting as a stand that holds it ideally from all angles to help watch the videos and slideshows as well as to type on the keyboard screen.

Ipad 1 is fully equipped with a 9 inch multi touch LED-backlit with an IPS display that runs on the operating system of iPhone and iPod touch models. It means, it is compatible with iPhone or iPod touch apps except for Mac OS X. It can also be syncs with an iPhone or iPod touch and can be used as a computer with a Bluetooth or dock keyboard.

It is powered by 1 GHz Apple A4 chip and has 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB flash memory, Wi-Fi and wireless data support of 3G, an ambient light sensor and digital compass with dual built in speakers packed in a thick glass and aluminum casing. The battery timing is more than 8 hours with a standby timing up to one month.

IPad Dock:

With the iPad Dock, you can get an easy access to dock connector port for charging or connecting a port to powered speakers with the help of an audio cable. The iPad Dock can also be used as a support to other iPad accessories like iPad dock connector or camera connection kit. This iPad camera connection kit import photos and videos in two ways, either by using USB cable or directly from SD card. IPad also supports standard photos that include JPEG and RAW formats.

IPad 10W USB Power Adapter:

In the Ipad 1 specs discussion, iPad 10W USB Power Adapter helps you to charge directly with any electrical plug while a long power cord lets you to charge it from distance.

It is supplied with Wi-Fi only and original Wi-Fi/3G/A-GPS makes it a magical and revolutionary device as it is a tablet designed to browse on the web, for receiving and sending e-mails and enjoying photos, listening music or playing games and much more.

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