Top 10 Amazing iPhone Applications for Kids

Cellular phones were primarily considered as the initial form of communication before Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, had a deal with AT&T, a wireless carrier, in 2006. People were more apprehensive with the connection service they got from their wireless provider than that with the features of their cellular phones.

1. Wheels on the Bus

There are times that your kids just desire to have a little wacky fun. That’s where the “Wheels on the Bus” by Duck Moose comes into play. It is based on the famous children’s song of the same name, Wheels on the Bus is an application interactively intended to give your kids moments of creative enjoyment. Your kids will simply touch different objects on the screen and initiate the sounds and movements of the chosen parts.

Price: $0.99 to $2.00

2. Wacky Safari

The Wacky Safari’s developers have made this puzzle application simple perfect for your toddlers, they rotate series of wild animals’ images through until it emerges the right perfect match and entire image. This application includes five game modes using 40 color images. The charm of Wacky Safari is based on its distinctive sounds and mixture of dazzling colors . Wacky Safari is complete with animal sounds as well as a drum machine together with its colourful images.

Price: $0.99 for full version or get it for free

3. Balloonimals

Your iPhone turns out to be a clown’s best friend with this natty application. It takes advantage of three features of the iPhone to make balloon animals like the ones the clown makes. You start by picking an animal to create the balloon animals. Then, to blow up the virtual balloons, you have to blow into the microphone. Then shake your phone for the built-in motion sensors twist and turn the balloons into animal shapes. You can create a unicorn, T-Rex, or one of the seven highlighted balloonimals. Now you can play with your newly-created balloonimals until you pop them with a touch on the screen.

Price: Free for lite version or $1.99 for full version

4. SpinArt

SpinArt is an application that makes multi-coloured art on a spinning canvass. You can begin with a piece of paper, a palette of lively paints and your mind’s eye. You can make a colourful art by spinning your finger. You can modify the color of the canvass or even begin by uploading a photo from the photo gallery. SpinArt includes three sizes of platter brushes and has six control buttons for you to modify each print. Untamed and wacky art appears when you touch the spin button and spin your finger on the monitor then touch the canvass. Save your artwork when you’re done and use as background picture of your iPhone or print it. Additionally, Spin Art is cool for the whole family to enjoy.

Price: $0.99

5. AniMatch

AniMatch is a game of animal matching suitable for toddlers. Every new game includes ten pairs of unsystematic animals sprinkled on your screen. You can touch every matching animal from there to fulfil the pair and achieve points. You’ll hear animal sounds when you touch the corresponding pictures. It is a memorization game. Though this game is not suitable for adults but if you’ve ever seen the facial expression of your toddler when they are working hard to decipher a matching problem, it’s heavy! Much more fulfilling when you see that heaviness turn to lightness when they figure out the matching animal.

Price: $0.99

6. Pegs

If you desire for some nappy fun, Pegs is an application that you need to pull out for your kiddos. Pegs is an entertainment in which you jump over a peg to get rid of it with the objective to leave just one peg. It’s just the same with the peg game made of wood. What makes it even better is that you have a lot of challenging configuration to do. You do your best to achieve higher levels just like any other video games. You can play shapes starting from a diamond to the traditional pyramid. You’re all done once you completed every level. To keep kids busy for a while, the levels are developed to be challenging enough for them.

Price: Free

7. Build a Robot

Build a Robot is a cool application perfect for artistic kids and might even fascinate the teenagers and mature ones. Maybe it’s because of the unlimited possibilities and free-will that you have when building your own modified robot. You can fix on the facial types, head, body, legs, and arm to build a distinctive robot each time. You can leave it colorless when you’re done or opt to color your masterpiece. You can also use the masterpiece as your iPhone’s background or even print it and compile all your kid’s creation in an album. But don’t forget to save it before anything else.

Price: $1.99

8. Tic Tac Toe Free

You no longer have to sponge your bag or car for a paper and pencil with Tic Tac Toe Free on your iPhone device. It’s all close at your hand. The game can be either single or two players. You can choose from the three difficulty levels if your kid opts to play against the computer. Your little tyke wont’ be disheartened from losing so much with this way. It allows adults as well to bang it up and let it be trickier. You can opt to set it up to play online with your friends or other gamers by using the 3G or WiFi connection. And most importantly, it saves automatically.

Price: Free

9. Bookworm

Your objective in Bookworm is to accumulate points by connecting letters to form words. The board is composed of letters in columns situated beside one another. You map out your finger from letter to letter to form words. The horizontal and vertical movement is unlimited to form the words, you can use it as long as the tile is flanking to the ones you’ve touched previously. Tap submit after you form a word to accumulate score. Bookworm uses the motion sensors of the iPhone as a method to combine your letter tiles by shaking your device.

Price: $2.99

10. Tappy Tunes

Tappy Tunes is a music application. You or your kid becomes the expert by just touching the screen. First, pick a song from more than 80 existing songs or more than 100 if you included the holiday package. The songs are sorted for simple navigation. Subsequently, you can either press on the play button or begin playing immediately. You can also sing along by scrolling the lyrics athwart the peak of the screen so the breaks in the notes can be seen. Little tykes will really love it since they’ll learn songs like B-I-N-G-O

Price: Free for lite with five songs only and holiday lite, $1.99 for Holiday Full

Few people could predict the brilliant rise in popularity the iPhone would have. The devices were revolutionized by the third-party developers with a constant-growing index of apps. It’s uneasy to limit what everybody would like with exceptional personalities of children from anywhere in the world and so many preferences in the Apple Store. That’s why this is an ample list of amazing applications that covers little of everything from music to education and art with loads of creative enjoyment clanked in between.

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