Third Time Charm for Apple iPhones

The iPhone 3GS was the third-generation iPhone released by Apple. An iPhone is a multi-use device that is a phone, internet connection, music player, game console, map, and ebook reader, among other things. The iPhone was the first smartphone to appeal to everyday consumers, rather than only the business consumers that were targeted with earlier smartphones.

Apple’s third iteration of their infamous phone brought about some significant upgrades for the device. And unlike other updates, these increased functionalities were more likely to be noticed by everyday consumers. The main differences between the second and third generation iPhones were the operating speed and the upgraded camera quality. This was also the first iPhone that allowed for video recording. And as is typical with Apple, consumes were extremely excited over this release, and one million phones sold in their first weekend on the store shelves. It was released between June and August of 2009, dates varying from country to country.

Along with many Apple consumers and fans, I would argue that this release and upgrade was a much more successful version than the second generation. The increased speed, software, and camera were significant changes, even to the non-technically oriented consumer. Battery life was also significantly improved with this phone. Because the iPhone is relied upon by its users for so many different tasks, it is essential that it is able to sustain its battery life throughout the day so that it can complete myriad tasks that it was designed for.

The third generation of iPhone is still supported by Apple for software updates, and as a non-technical consumer of Apple, I have no sense of when this is not going to be the case. I am slightly hesitant to recommend the purchase of a used iPhone 3GS at this point, because it too is known to have an overheating battery, but I think that it would be a much better choice than the first or second generation of iPhone. Also, the software updates for this phone are no longer free- they’ll cost you $.99USD. Apple gave no indication as to why this was the case. I might speculate that it is because too many of these phones are still in stock (so it does not make sense to pull them off of the market just yet) but that this serves as a hint to consumers that it might be time to upgrade your iPhone if you’ve still got the third generation. By placing a fee on this software upgrade, one also wonders whether or not a consumer is supposed to come to understand that these phones are no longer as profitable for Apple as they once were, and that extra charges must be placed on the phones to help recover the costs.

Such speculation is almost never fruitful, as is any guessing with Apple and their products. In sum, the third-generation iPhone is a significantly improved product, and one that I would recommend (with reservation) to someone looking for a used iPhone.

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