The Remarkable Features of MacBook Air

Processors and Graphics – New Intel Core i5 and i7 Processors

Integrating a more rapid processor, more brawny graphics and a memory regulator into a single chip makes for a number of serious presentations. The new HD Graphics 4000 offers up to 60% more rapid graphics. A presentation you will really notice in the games and the movies you amuse yourself as well as the FaceTime calls you make. At the present, MacBook Air supports up to 8GB of memory, as a result you can run further memory-intensive apps without compromising presentation.

More Rapid All-Flash Storage

An element of what makes MacBook Air is so quick to respond is that it’s designed completely around flash storage. Not only does this make MacBook Air weighs much lighter and more handy than usual notebook, it also provides more rapid access to data and gives you instant-on potential. On hand up to 512GB, this next age group flash storage is up to 4 times more rapid than a usual 5,400-rpm notebook hard drive and more rapid than the previous age group MacBook Air.

So as soon as you toss open MacBook Air, it starts up in seconds. Even later than a month in the standby mode, the computer screen springs to life. Apps launch more rapidly. in addition to this, with no stirring parts, flash storage stays hushed.

Long-lasting Battery

In view of the fact that space-cutback flash storage gives room for bigger battery, you can devote more time to the things you enjoy most. Things like, browsing the web, editing photos and watching videos. Get up to 5 hours of battery life on a one-time charge on the 11-inch unit and reaching to 7 hours on the 13-inch model.

And through Power Nap, a fresh feature approaching in OS X Mountain Lion, you’ll continue to receive new email and calendar invitations while the MacBook Air is asleep. When it’s attached to a power supply, it’s capable of downloading software updates and make backups with Time Machine. So when you come back to the MacBook Air and toss open it up, it’s on in an instant. And the whole thing is right there to come to you.

Thunderbolt and USB 3 – They Make Some Great Connections

Through the lightning, rapid Thunderbolt port, you can connect your MacBook Air to the newest displays and devices, like the Apple thunderbolt Display. But that’s not the whole story. MacBook Air comes armed with 2 USB 3 ports, too, so you can connect the latest USB 3 gadgets and get up to 10 times the performance of USB 2. With just a few connections, MacBook Air converts from an mega portable notebook to a full workstation.

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