The Performance and Battery Life of MacBook Pro

Paired with those quad-core chips is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M Kepler unit with1GB of GDDR5 memory and 8GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 RAM. Moreover on tap is incorporated Intel HD 4000 graphics, the hotter of the two GPUs controls on when the condition demands.

To create such a scenario, you can install one of the hottest games of the moment, Diablo III and crank it up to full graphic details and full resolution. But, make one exemption:anti-aliasing. When you are running at 1800 x 2880 , there is no real need.

You will be quite happily surprised to see the frame rate floating between 25 and 50 fps as you crawl a few dungeons and explore a few towns, perfectly playable at an obscene resolution. Turning it down to something a slight more rational, 2048 x 1280, remained 40 to 45 fps and operating at a relatively ordinary 1280 x 800 brought frame rates in excess of 70. This, then, is quite passable gaming machine.

Motionlessly, it only obtained a few minutes of slashing and hacking to get the bottom of this unit arm, and then noticeably hot. That, of course, caused the remodelled fan system to burst out, which draws in air from a pair of vents on the right and left sides of the bottom of the frame and puffs it out through the hinge.

It has been optimized to produce a less horrible sort of whirring noise. Indeed it is a subtle and unremarkable white type of sound, but it is definitely not silent. In fact, the fan does not sound particularly different than that in the current MacBook Air, despite the fact that a small number of decibels less obtrusive. Still, you will always know when your system is really cranking.

Despite all that performance, you will still be impressed by the battery life. In a standard rundown test, which involves looping a video with WiFi on and the display put at a preset brightness, they netted an impressive seven hours and forty-nine minutes – a runtime so long they at first thought it was a fluke. After repeated runs, though, they kept turning up similar results.

If you already know quite a small piece of information about Mountain Lion, which is, as of this writing, about two months away from launch. But what you did not discern was the high-resolution shore up needed for these Retina displays. As of the moment, that shore up is sadly far from pervasive.

The primary Apple applications – Address Book, Mail, Safari, etc. have all been tweaked to make use of all these wonderful pixels. Sadly, little else has. While we got assurances that third-party applications like AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop are in the process of being refined, right now, seemingly every third-party application on thr MacBook looks terrible.

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