The most powerful Dual-core A5 chip iPhone 4

IPhone 4 is the most powerful two cores in the A5 chip that deliver up more powerful graphics up to seven times faster and with a difference of feel and effects. This iPhone 4 is a quick and responsive device that makes all the difference whether it’s about using apps, surfing the web or gaming and doing anything. No matter what are you doing, you can do it without any pause because A5 chip powerful and efficient and has a long battery life.

This iPhone 4 has the best camera with all-new optics that makes it the only camera with new features. With every shot, you will get 8-megapixel resolution result with f/2.4 aperture. There is an improved illumination sensor at backside with excellent auto white balance and an advanced feature of colour accuracy and a reduced motion blur. It means everything will look perfectly as people like in light and action to capture until you see the photo results.

HD Video recording:

Another advance feature of this iPhone 4 is that it can shoot perfect 1080p HD video with the vivid color images where everything will look better than you want. Video stabilization will stable the possibility of shaky shots and it gives a chance to edit video on iPhone and share it with others as fast as you shoot.
It is no doubt the most advanced mobile operating system in the whole world with the easy to handle way of use. It has the iOS advancement features that make it easy to do everything you want. This also takes iPhone 4 ahead because it has iOS power than anything else. Further iOS 5 brings over 200 new features to iPhone 4 that can also be described as under.

Remarkable clarity with Retina Display:

The most vibrant and sharp feature on iPhone 4 is the clarity of display with the Retina. It is the highest-resolution phone screen that has been manufactured ever as the pixel density of this device is so high that no one can easily distinguish between individual pixels. However, one can notice sharp graphics, crisp texts and high images that make it more remarkable device that can absorb anyone completely.


FaceTime allows you to hear a voice or even see the face with the iPhone to iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch or WiFi anywhere you want to use it. To make a FaceTime call is like a phone call. You can make a call anywhere with the help of this apps and it will let you enjoy the conversation with your buddy without considering for the distance o time.

Thus, iPhone 4 is an intelligent phone that can switch between two antennas for transmitting or receiving a better call quality. It also increases the data speed of HSDPA to 14.4 Mbps that means you can use a fast connection for a fast downloading. It is a world phone and can be used anywhere. All the customers over 200 countries can enjoy this advanced technology around the world.

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