The iPhone 5 release date is Just Round the Corner

The iPhone 5 release date in the U.S. is already round the corner. And, this is a big news for all the fans of iPhone. As per latest rumors the release date has been speculated to be in September or October 2011. The international release date for iPhone 5 is said to be in October.

If the above-mentioned rumor is true, then you are not going to have to wait long for the iPhone 5 release date, as it can be just any day. In addition to the date of release, there are also many assumptions regarding medications and updates in the 5th generation of iPhone. As per some gadget experts there may be some major improvements in the camera, processor technology, display features, storage and even in other apps.

It has also been heard that iPhone 5 will be working on both CDMA as well as GSM networks. This clearly means that this will be one of the coolest features offered by Apple to its loyal followers and customers. Apple has had a history of launching its products without any clear indications, and this is what is expected to happen with iPhone 5 release date.

The fans have already been frustrated with the extension of the release dates, but one thing is for certain that the new iPhone is going to hit the stands within this year. The time is certainly ripe for you to use all the cash that you have been hoarding for a long time to get your hands on the newest iPhone.

Some of the leading sources have reported that iPhone 5 is going to include features like the fastest processor and an 8MP camera, and many improvements over iPhone 4. There is a very high probability that the iPhone 5 release date is going to hand you a smartphone that is going to have a wider and thinner look compared its predecessor. The display is going to be over 3.7 inches which will have a high-resolution curved glass screen.

Other features in the new iPhone can include thin bezel, unmatched battery backup, HD video recording, scatter-resistant and scratch-resistant screen made from Organic LED, new iOS 5 Operating System, dual core A5 processor with 1.5 GHz speed and 32 or 64 GB RAM.

Additional and advanced features include no need for unlocking for services other than AT&T and 4G Long Term Evolution support. The iPhone 5 release date is going to bring you two models with the second one being called iPhone 4S.

You must have been browsing through the thousands of images of the new iPhone being displayed online. But, now the time is ripe for you to own one of these most advanced smartphones on the market. As per one rumor it seems that Apple is aiming very high for its latest product. The rumor claims that Apple has ordered over 15 million units of iPhone 5 from the very beginning. And, the objective of the company is to sell over 25 millions units by 2012.  All these claims certainly make it necessary that you keep your eyes grabbed on iPhone 5 release date.

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