The Engineered OS X in MacBook Air

Hardware and Software Built for Each Other

In view of the fact that the software on every Mac is built by the same corporation that builds the Mac, you obtain a fully incorporated system in which the whole thing works together flawlessly. OS X functions with the processor in your MacBook Air to distribute the best promising performance.

The Multi-Touch trackpad on each Mac notebook provides you more than an adequate amount of space to tap, swipe, and pinch your way in the region of most of the applications on your system. OS X provides you a long battery existence by dimming the monitor in low-light surroundings and even the adaptable processor bustle between keystrokes.

Intermingle with Your Computer in a New Way

Swipe, pinch, scroll, and tap through Multi-Touch motions, directly domineering what is on your monitor in a more perceptive and fluid line of attack. As you scroll down on your Magic Mouse or trackpad, your web page scrolls down. When you scroll up, your photos scroll up. When you swipe left, your documents move left. And there are scores of more motions that make you execute on yo Mac the most excellent experience you can include on a computer. Hands down.

Swipe to Navigate

Turn over through documents, web pages, and others as if turning over through pages in a book.

Pinch to Zoom

Zoom in and out of web pages and photos by stirring your thumb and finger in a pinch motion.

Tap to Zoom

Double-tap the trackpad with 2 fingers to blow up a PDF or web page.

2-Finger Scroll

Glide 2 fingers upwards or downwards the trackpad to scroll in the course of websites, documents and others.

Switch Between Open Apps

Swipe 3 fingers to shift from 1 full-screen application to another.

View Mission Control

Swipe up on the trackpad to obtain a bird’s eye view of the whole thing running on your Mac.

Simple to Use and Amazingly Powerful

From the desktop you notice when you start up your MacBook Air to the apps you use each day, everything is designed to be simple and spontaneous. Of course, creating amazing things simply requires some sincerely advanced tools, as well as OS X is weighted down with them. Not only it is created on a rock-solid, time-hardened UNIX foundation that gives unparalleled solidity, it also distributes industry-top support, eye-catching graphics and hard to believe performance for internet criterion. And it performs seamlessly with iCloud to stay your calendars, photos, music and more up to date across every single one of your devices.

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