The Competition of MacBook Pro

You say you are looking for a laptop with a 15 inches screen, superior build quality and a pinch-thin frame? Fortunately, for those of you who experience paralyzed by preference, that decisive factor whittles down your preferences to two notebooks that are on the toplist.

The only other contender we can think of is the 15 inches Samsung Series 9, which starts at a more palatable $1,500. At 3.5 lbs and 0.58 inches deep, it is just about thicker than the 13 inches version, which is saying a lot, since that’s one of the slimmest Ultrabooks in its own right. Ultimately, both deserve to be hold with child gloves: either of the machine you choose, you will find the smooth metal is quite vulnerable to scratches and greasy fingerprint smudges.

It is with the display that the MacBook Pro starts to justify its higher starting price. On its own, the Series 9’s matte, 400-nit 1600 x 900 panel is till worlds better than what you will find on most laptops. Certainly, it is a triumph in favour of Ultrabooks which have a propensity to get weighed down with subpar view, even on higher-end machines.

Still, the Series 9’s Super Bright Plus screen can’t compete with the MacBook Pro’s tightly woven pixels and wide viewing angles. On the inside, the new MacBook Pro puts forward potentially improved specifications with options for twice the RAM and a more spacious 768GB solid-state drive. It is also offered in numerous Core i7 processor choices, whereas the Series 9 is no more than available in the company of Core i5 and with integrated graphics only.

These uncomplimentary comparisons to one side, the 15 inches Series 9 is at a halt one of the favorite Windows machines and even one of the favorite laptops. It stays a sterling preference for Windows aficionado or anyone who is willing to spend $1,500 for a notebook, but not $2,200 plus.

The two are as well well matched when it comes to battery life: the difference in runtime is only about 20 minutes. Be that as it may, if the Retina display MacBook Pro is aimed at persons who insist the most excellent, it brushes away at least two key categories: display quality and specifications.

If it is discrete graphics you are really after, I also recommend checking out the HP Envy 15 which starts at $1,350 and can be configured with Ivy Bridge core i5 and i7 CPUs, a 1GB Radeon HD 7750 GPU, up to 16GB of RAM and either an SSD or spinning hard drive. Here, too, you will find a better display than most laptops have to put forward, while the IPS-quality Radiance board has renowned color calibration concerns, and the 1080p resolution is still no match for the Retina display.

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