The 5th generation iPhone

Here is happy news for all the iPhone users. Apple is about to launch the 5th generation of iPhone – iPhone5. As it is going to be released soon, different opinions are spreading on the internet about the features which it is going to provide. As far as the iPhones were concerned, iPhone4 was the most amazing one. But those who are currently using iphones, as well as those who are planning to use iPhone,

both are desperately waiting for its official release of iPhone5. All are waiting to see what all new features Apple will add to the new generation iPhone5.

Apple has not revealed the exact features and specifications, since the smartphone is not officially released. Hence, many rumors about both software and hardware upgrades are spreading. But iPhone5 is expected to use Apple’s latest A5 processor chip, iCloud service, high resolution camera and a 4 inch size screen.

A5 processor chip

iPhone 5 will be using the A5 processor chip. The A5 chip consists of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with NEON SIMD accelerator and a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU. It means that the iPhone5 can do twice the work at once. This feature will definitely attract the current iPhone using customers as well as the fans since twice the work can be done. iPhone 5 is provided with a 1GB RAM. The processor speed will be somewhere between 1.2 to 1.5 GHz. iPad2 also uses the same A5 processor chip.

The A5 chip might use more power. Still it is used because the chip claims to have dynamic power management which will lower the speed based on the workload and can efficiently make use of the power.

Apple’s latest and greatest processor is used in the iPhone5 not only to increase the speed, but also to compete with the newly released Samsung Galaxy S II.

iCloud Service

iCloud service feature is expected to be used in the iPhone5. Its advantage is that wireless remote access of music can be done from all computers and mobile devices. For that, Apple is planning to tie up with top music companies to license songs. Another advantage is that the users can store photos, calendar, applications etc without storing them in the phone’s memory. This becomes possible because the iPhone5 will automatically sync with the iCloud.

High resolution camera

iPhone5 is expected to use a front- facing camera. It is for video chatting. Although Apple has not revealed much about the technology, reliable sources reveal that Apple has filed several patent applications to the US Patent. The filed applications are related to the capturing of 3D images. Therefore, it can be inferred that iPhone5 may be using 3D camera. The iPhone5 will be able to capture, process and render 3D images using this dual camera feature. These features will be definitely an advantage for iPhone 5 over iPhone4.

Another advantage is that this device allows you to take pictures in panorama. That means you can take pictures in a sequence as you move camera from one side to another. In the end,these images can be combined together into a panorama.

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