Steps to jailbreak your iPad 3

Jailbreak, as is suggested by the term, is to set oneself free from the confines of something. In the case of jailbreaking the iPad 3, the confines would be those of the Apple App store and you would be free to download apps from stores besides those available on the Apple app store once you do this.

If you wish to jailbreak your iPad 3, it is quite simple to do so using the Redsn0w 0.9.12b1 version. This feature works for Windows as well as Mac users and requires you to connect to a computer as well. Your iPad must have the iOS 5.1.1. In this article, you will be guided by a simple and easy to follow step- by- step guide on jailbreaking your iPad 3. Before we move on to the steps, you must consider a few points:

* Redsn0w provides untethered jailbreak
* It requires the iOS 5.1.1
* Check the version of your iPad by going to Settings>General>About>Version. It must be 5.1.1
* Jailbreaking could result in your warranty being declared void. Therefore, proceed cautiously at your own risk.
* Back up your device before doing this
* You must have the latest version of iTunes

The steps for this process are:

* Step 1: Download Redsn0w for Windows or Mac from the internet. Save the app in a newly created folder called ‘Redsn0w’ on to your desktop.

* Step 2: Click twice on the zip file and extract the app to the folder Redsn0w created earlier by you.

* Step 3: Launch the Redsn0w application. If you are using Windows, then you must run Redsn0w as your administrator.

* Step 4: Choose the Jailbreak button and click on it.

* Step 5: Redsn0w will start the process for you. It will prepare files for jailbreak first

* Step 6: After file preparation is complete, the files will be processed by Reds0w.

* Step 7: Then it will start Finishing up the entire process

* Step 8: With this your jailbreak is now installed. Redsn0w will confirm this.

* Step 9: The device will reboot of its own accord after this. Allow it to respring after reboot. This may take a bit of time as your device will have to install a few things and run them.

* Step 10: With the respring, your iPad 3 is now jailbroken successfully.

You will find the Cydia icon on your desktop or elsewhere. Using the Cydia app, you can download and install apps outside those in the Apple App Store on to your iPad. Jailbreaking using this process is very safe and is secure. You just have to follow the steps above. A few of them may take a while to complete but the final result is surely worth the wait. If you contain a lot of data on your device, then you can jailbreak by putting the device in DFU mode. This will prevent any loss of data possible. Learn also about how to jailbreak the iPad 1 and iPad 2.

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