Speculations and expected news on IPhone 5 specifications

The 5th version of iPhone is about to release, as people are anticipating about the iPhone 5 desperately and they are eagerly waiting for the launch of this phone. Currently, many fans and Apple iPhone customers are speculating what innovative features Apple iPhone will add to this new iPhone 5. People will be updated with new iPhone 5 and its features, so there are latest features and specifications that will be included in this device.

However, Apple has not yet officially revealed the accurate specifications of this device; but some of the main features can be predicted. There is much news on iPhone 5 in terms of hardware as well as software upgrades that will certainly fascinate any customer.

This IPhone is expected to have the latest A5 processor chip, higher-resolution camera, and a 4-inch screen size in it. Thus, some of the most anticipated feature for iPhone 5 can be explained.

A5 Processor in iPhone5:

IPhone 5 is featured with A5 main processor, which is the same chip technically that is currently powered in iPad 2. The A5 is a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with NEON SIMD accelerator and Power VR SGX543MP2 GPU where two works can be at the same time in iPhone5. The processor speed is expected to be from 1.2 to 1.5 GHz, with 1GB RAM. The processor upgrade will increase the processing speed of the phone and will also complete the Samsung Galaxy S.
The A5 chip is designed to effectively increase the power use as it has got a DPM (dynamic power management) that can lower the workload speed and can efficiently use the power.

A Better IPhone5 Camera:

The iPhone 5 will be featured with 8 megapixel camera with a rear 8MP dual-LED flash camera. This is a high-end Android smart pho will be available with an 8MP camera along with a front-facing camera used video chatting. According to reports, Apple has filed many exclusive applications related to 3D picture capturing the US Trademark Office. This is an indication that iPhone 5 will feature a 3D camera. The interior of the device will capture the processing and description of 3D image with dual-camera hardware.

There are many other features in it. It will be competent of taking pictures in Panorama styles with a 360 Panorama application in the App Store. It will allow you to take sequence pictures by moving the camera from one side to another, which will stitch the images effortlessly together to create a panorama image.

If Apple wants to compete to the Android then it can improve the video resolution of IPhone 5 with the full 1080p HD recording as iPhone 4 currently has a 720p video capture per second at 30 frames.
According to resources, Apple has planned to release it in spring at the Mobile World Congress that will be held in February. However, Apple is famous to keep secret to all the products details, so many of the anticipations can be wrong.

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