Sneak a quick look at the Apple iPhone 5

With the approaching year, the craze for iPhone 5 is becoming even stronger. This device will expectedly look like iPhone 4 but with some of the improvements to make it a better choice. According to some iPhone 5 specs, its unit will come with the same scratchproof Gorilla Glass according to some iPhone 5 specs that will most likely be available with a sleek and thin design than previous iPhone. Experts have also predicted that this latest unit will also cater the network and antenna problem that affect people who have used iPhone 4. If you are eager for all Apple products, then you should keep yourself informed on every speculation about iPhone 5.

However, after reading iPhone 5 specs, it will be cleared that this time iPhone will release a smaller device than predecessors, as it will come with a 4 inch display screen with a much clear image results. An improved antenna is essential in it also and experts said this gadget will be coming with iOS 5 operation system with an improved processor. Moreover, 1 GHz dual core processor is expected to increase the overall performance of this phone. Experts also suggest that iPhone 5 specs also feature ultra-slim design that will make it distinguished from other thicker android handsets. However, many of the experts are mutually agreed that the 4 inch screen is likely to be included in it.

It is also anticipated that the phone will be featuring an extremely powerful laser keyboard. This has been included so that keyboard could execute all functions effectively. However it will slow down the speed because of high power utilization of the phone. The applications can use the battery timing much faster as Apple is famous for manufacturing high end and longstanding batteries.

This new device is expected to transform the niche of mobile world like it has never done before. There are various news reports on it that claim on the new unit featuring a dual core processor that will enable it to launch applications and pages to enhance its speed. Users can execute multi-tasking as the units can handle multiple programs at increased speed. IPhone 5 specs claim that the unit will be released with powerful graphic cards with enhanced display images and videos quality and sharpness. It will be compatible with the 4G network to the regular 3G network. The operational mechanisms and features of this unit will make it trendier than the Android handsets. Video chat on a 4G network and developed Face Recognition Security application are some of the technologies of this unit. It has a battery life ranging from 14 hours talk time with a scratch resistant display screen that is a common feature in all iPhone devices. Apple iPhone 5 will surely come with a guarantee to change the view of many people. If you want to upgrade your phone, you should certainly start waiting and saving to buy this upcoming phone with some advance features.

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