Save your dollars through the new iPhone applications

The US is going through tough financial times and consumers are always looking for ways to save their dollars so that they may be able to save their valuable dollars. People are always looking for some online money tools through which they can make correct calculations so that they may always stay on top of their finances. If you use an iPhone, did you know that there are ways in which you can save money by using certain applications? Nowadays, the mobile phone manufacturers are trying their level best to keep some inbuilt applications that can help people to remain frugal and lead a life within their means. Here are some applications that you should check out if you use an iPhone.

Yowza Mobile Coupons: Are you into the habit of using coupons so as to save money while making those small purchases? If you usually clip coupons or search online for them, your life will become easier if you have an iPhone that has the Yowza Mobile Coupons application. This particular app will find the rebates and the special offers that are going on in your area with the help of GPS or Global Positioning System. When you’re travelling, you can even use this particular application so that you may get information on cheap hotels and restaurants.

ZipList: Have you ever returned from shopping only to find out that you’ve forgot about something entirely? You then have to come back all the way to home and this will be a total wastage of time, energy and money. This is the perfect situation during which this iPhone app, ZipList will help you. You just have to add that thing to the list and the apps will help you curb the impulsive buys at the grocery store. This will also enable you to save your dollars.

BillMinder: Usually, there is a large number of households that are overburdened with rent bills, utility bills, credit card bills and this is the reason that most people are combating with themselves to remember the deadline dates. When you’re busy with your daily errands, it is very tough for you to stay on top of all things and also remember the due dates. In such a situation, the BillMinder is the best application that will offer you with an easy-to-read list through which you can remember all the monthly bills and keep track of them. This can also be used as a powerful financial tool through which you can manage your money.

Spend: Doesn’t this seem to be an ironic name of an application that deals with saving money? Well, though yes, this is an application that will assist you staying within a budget and also determine your spending habits. The application will give you information about the habits that are leading to bad financial moves.

So, stop crunching numbers by using your traditional calculators. Install the above mentioned applications in your iPhone so that you can keep track on your money and stay away from bad financial decisions that can lead to debt.

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