Reviews on expected Iphone 5 apps

No doubt, iPhone 5 is making a noise all over the global mobile market, but Apple is still quiet on the issue of features that it will add or will let go. However, Apple news informers reveal some of the most famous iPhone 5 apps. Thus, if you want to know about some of the iPhone 5 features then you can get information on Apple iPhone 5. Apple has been working to remove button from the front fascia to make it a complete touch screen phone and add it with better options to help you to go to home screen. There is a 5 finger pinch that can take you to the home screen in few seconds without any need of hardware button in the iPhone 5.

Social Applications:

Facebook is expected to be included again in this upcoming device, so no wonders as now a day it is of the most popular apps on iPhone. So people will enjoy the live Facebook app and you can visit Facebook mobile but I phone 5 apps offer much more functions ranging from picture upload to Facebook groups access.

Music applications:

The latest version of Slacker can run as a music player in the background and you can stream all the music while surfing the web. You can use turn-by-turn navigation and email answers and anything you want to listen. Slacker need a subscription and it will be expectedly available in the US and Canada only.

Photo Apps:

Other iPhone 5 apps are that it is featured with the best camera and it will make the photo quality more sharp that is a step away from perfection. Photo FX and filters can be used for special effects to fix it. Thus this app can make iPhone 5 a better choice for music lovers and those who want to experiment with the music apps on iPhone.

Utility apps:
Previously, to get my iPhone you have to use a MobileMe on your iPhone but it is free now and of course will do the same in iPhone 5 apps. You just need to download this app, set up iTunes Id on your mobile and you can use GPS and locate it. You can also make a beep or display by using remote lock and remote wipe, so that no one can get to the personal data. You can find my iPhone anywhere, under your desk, at the restaurant or wherever you are.

Thus as rumors have been spreading on iPhone 5 apps and features so far it is globally becoming a much awaited device with additional apps and features. However, there is not much proof for iPhone 5 app; the speculations are just a kind of research into the latest trend at the company reports. We all expect that iPhone 5 will be released shortly by this coming year.

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