Reports Of Analysts About The Iphone 5 Release Date

Iphone is the famous baby of Apple. Apple has launched many iphones and has nurtured its growth. Every year, Apple comes with the new generation iphone and it is expected that the next generation of iphone will be coming soon in front of the world. There is no official announcement of the Iphone 5 release date by Apple. However, many analysts have given their ideas about the Iphone 5 release date. They have intuition that Apple will not launch the iphone 5 in the December or January, it is because iphone 4S has recently introduced to the market. And it will not be good with the customers of iphone 4S that within two or three months, new iphone generation has been introduced. It may also be possible that the current customer of iphone 4S would leave the contract which they have signed for two years and company will get in loss. It is also possible that potential customer of iPhone 4S will delay their plan to buy the iphone and wait for the new generation. That may also be the reason, that Apple is feeling reluctant in announcing the release date of iphone 5.

The other expected date was March. But, it would also not be suitable as it is expected that Apple will follow the tradition and will introduce iPad 3 in March. This will not be possible to launch two products of same company at the same month. This may become the reason for cannibalizing the sale of each other, as both are the expensive products. The people may buy the iphone 5 and may postpone or cancel the purchase of iPad 3 or vice versa. This would also become the reason for loss, which of course no company can afford.

The next expected date is near about June. It is expected that Apple will continue the trend and will launch the new generation of iphone in June, as it has done with the old iphone generations. It is expected that the multi featured master piece would be launching in the mid of 2012. But, it cannot be guaranteed that Iphone 5 release date would be in the mid of 2012. It is only a trend analysis which is made by researching about the past happening. So, it does not mean that the buyer of iphone 4S stop buying the phone.

Some rumored features of iphone 5 has been mentioned here so that the customers can have compared it with other phones and can decide that whether they want for the new launch or they want to invest in other options. The iphone 5 is expected to have 4G LTE connectivity, quad-core processors, increased RAM, curved screen, NFC chips, A5 0r A6 operating system, shinny stainless cover body, teardrop design with no home buttons, 4 inches display screen, AMOLED screen technology, 3D experience, voice chatting feature, slim and sleek body, and the dual-LED camera. So, decide about the wants and wait for the official announcement of iphone 5 by Apple.

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