Pre-order the iPhone 5 from the biggest Chinese e-commerce website

For the big fans and loyalists of the iPhone 5, there is a big surprise now. It is being alleged that the latest iPhone of Apple can now be ordered online through the biggest e-commerce site in China. Three months before its official announcement and release by Apple, the iPhone 5 is being offered for pre-order by Taobao, the largest of China’s e-commerce websites. This device is being made available for preorder on the site already. As per reports, it is even offering complete renderings of what the device is to look like, with full technical specifications.

As per the sellers of the site, there is high demand for this latest addition to the iPhone family lineage and there are already about two dozen preorders made as of now. Rumors and speculation for this device is now reaching fever pitches as the official debut, which is scheduled in August or October, draws close. In the last few months, speculation has heightened as guesswork reaches its peaks. There are numerous features regarding its technical specifications, screen size and its design features that have rent the air for a while now.

Recently, there were photos of rough prototypes of the device that have been posted online, which caused another bout of discussion and speculation among tech fans and bloggers. Sources stated that the new iPhone 5 is to run on a quad-core processor called Apple’s A6. It was also said that competition among the smart phones using quad-core will gather heat during the last few months of this year as the model of the new iPhone will run on quad-core chips of Qualcomm.

Besides these, the most prominent rumors enveloping the latest generation iPhone and the smart phone market state that this device is to feature Near field communication or NFC technology, which will bring it at par with Google in the competition of wallet service. Microsoft is to release some Windows smart phones too, which too will feature the NFC technology. The NFC technology allows other devices with this technology to establish radio communication by touching the two devices together or bringing them close together. This shall pave way for systems for contactless payment and set a new standard for smart phones.

The design of the latest iPhone 5 is supposed to be strikingly different from that of its predecessors. It is expected to undergo a complete makeover and is to pose aesthetics more similar to that of the iPad. The display is also to increase in size in all probability. There might be a slight increase in the size of the device itself and also that the screen shall be larger than 4”. This shall help it compete with other prominent devices that are now dominating the Android market.

As speculations keep thickening and the release date draws close, nothing can be said for sure about the device as of yet. All that Apply loyalists can surely do for now is to wait and watch as the unveiling of the most- awaited device of the year nears.

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