Positive and Negative points Of Iphone 4

The IPhone 4 is another smartphone launched by the Apple in the series of iPhones. It has attended a great response from the time of launch. It is also known as the fourth generation smart phone and continuing the success of iPhone 3. Apple has launched two different sets in the iPhone 4 series named as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It has a touch screen facility. Mainly iPhone 4 is get the popularity due to the facility of video calling, yes iPhone 4 has a facility of video calling. It also have the facility to store movies music, books and more important the internet accessibility. The Apple is using iOS operating system in the iPhone 4. IPhone 4 gets the success due to its design, processor, applications and 512 megabyte of eDRAM. Some of the application and its features are discussed below: -

* Design of the iPhone 4: – the iPhone 4 is made of glass and metal. The display is made of glass and body is of metal. The edges of the iPhone are made of the stainless steel which act as primary structure and antennas. Internal parts of the iPhone are placed between the two plates of alumino silicate glass. Reason behind taking this alumino silicate glass is that, it assumed that it is harder and stiffer than the plastic.

* Display of the iPhone 4: – LG is the company which is providing the display for the iPhone 4. The display given by the LG has pixel density of 326 ppi and a touch screen of 3.5 inches in length. The dimension of the display is 960*640. The screen of the iPhone 4 is of retina display type which is able to display 300 ppi from a distance of 305 mm to one’s eye.

* Camera used in iPhone 4: – iPhone 4 was the first phone from the series of iPhone which have two cameras in single phone. One is situated on the top of the backside of the iPhone with the facility of LED flash and the second is placed on the up front of the iPhone just above the display screen. The front camera is VGA type and the rear camera has the power of 5 megapixels. The rear camera is able to record a HD quality video at a rate of 1/2 frame per minute. The rear camera also has a 5x digital zooming option.

If there is merit in the iPhone 4 then there is also has some demerits. IPhone 4 always has to face some technical issues. Lots of the consumers have complained that there is a defect in the screen of the iPhone. At the beginning color of the screen look yellow but the color get dislocated within few days. IPhone 4 also have some defects in its antenna, the users complained that the strength of the signal is very week in the lower edge of the iPhone. IPhone 4 also has some defects in his camera it is reported that the quality of the image given by the camera is very low.

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