Other Amazing Features of MacBook Air

You are Free to go with Wireless

In the midst of the Bluetooth technology, you are capable of linking your MacBook Air to Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, such as your headphones and speakers. Even not including all the wires, you are entirely connected.

Display and Camera – High Resolution Display, Countless Pixels and Millimeters Thin

Angle to angle and pixel with pixel, your MacBook Air display is in cooperation of an engineering feature and a design burst through. The display calculates a mere 4.86 millimeters or 0.19 inch thin, up till now the resolution is so towering that you will feel like you are viewing at a much bigger screen. And with excellent reason, the 11 inches MacBook Air attributes a resolution identical to that of a classic 13 inch notebook, at the same time as the 13 inches MacBook Air wins with a resolution the same to a typical 15 inch notebook.

Clearly, the FaceTime HD Camera is a Big Deal

Let your family and friends witness more of you with the latest 720p FaceTime HD camera. With 3 times the resolution of the earlier FaceTime camera, every smile gives the impression of being a lot brighter. Plus the widescreen set-up means everybody can fit into the portrait without having to hoard around the view.

The Multi-Touch Trackpad Goes Hand in Hand with OS X

The Multi-Touch motions in OS X make the whole thing you do in MacBook Air more fun, direct, and intuitive. And the roomy Multi-Touch trackpad is absolutely designed for them, even if it is a 3-finger swipe to set in motion the Mission Control or a 4-finger pinch to view all your applications in Launchpad. Motion responses are downy and realistic. So as soon as you are scrolling upward and downward a web page otherwise swiping starting from one full-screen application to another, it is more or less like you are feeling what you are perceiving.

Click – Press downward anywhere to click or by means of tap to click allowed, tap the trackpad.

Double-click – Press downward 2 times anywhere or by means of tap to click allowed, double-tap the trackpad.

Tap to zoom – Tap 2 times the trackpad by means of 2 fingers to blow up a web page or PDF.

2-Finger Scroll – Slide 2 fingers upward or downward the trackpad to scroll in the course of websites, documents and a whole lot more.

Swipe in order to Navigate – Flip all the way through the documents, web pages and a whole lot more, as if you were thumbing from side to side of pages in a book.

View Mission Control – You need to swipe up on top of the trackpad to obtain a bird’s eye view of the whole thing working on your MacBook Air.

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