OS X is What Creates a MacBook Air a Mac

Simple Access to All Your Applications

The Dock contains Stacks. These are the folders that provide you quick right of entry to downloads, files, and documents. Launchpad is a jam-packed screen home for all the applications on your Mac. It allows you to arrange them the system you want, assemble them in folders, and delete them with no difficulty. And applications purchased from the Mac App Store appear on Launchpad without your intervention, so you can surf thousands of applications and begin using the ones you splash out on straight away.

Tips: Pull the icons of your most wanted applications to the Dock for nappy access.

Access downloads, files and documents by means of Stacks.

Find, Arrange and Share Files Quick

The Finder grants you easy access to all the files on your system. It lets you find, arrange, and way in practically everything on your Mac, including discs, folders, files, apps, and shared computers on your network. You can sort files by size, date added, date modified, apps, or kind. Not on a Mac. Features like Quick Look and Spotlight make locating the file you are looking for effortless even if you don’t know the filename.

Say you are looking for a document, and the barely thing you bear in mind about it is the turn of phrase “surrealist painters.”

Open Spotlight, begin typing “surrealist painters” and your MacBook Air produces a directory of files that is full of those words.

By means of Quick Look, you don’t have to to open an app to bear out that you have found the exact file, look at a full-screen preview by pressing the space bar.

Do you want to share a file with somebody nearby? Just pull and drop to transmit it to the person wirelessly by means of Air Drop.

Tips: Opt from between 4 Finder with an immediate click.

Obtain quick right of entry to shared computers, servers and drives from the sidebar.

Look clear, big icons for the entire your files and applications.

See Everything Runnig in an Instant on your Mac

OS X presents systemwide support for stunning, full-screen applications that make use of every inch of your Mac display. You can boast multiple full-screen applications release at once along with numerous applications in windows. And it is simple to switch between full-screen and desktop views. Mission control provides you a bird’s eye view of every bit of your windows and full-screen applications and lets you navigate among them.

Tips: Dashboard provides you quick admission to your widgets.

Full-screen applications and your desktops come into view at the apex of Mission Control.

Bare groups of apps windows together.

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