Marketing and pricing of iPhone 5 in India

As apparently experienced, iPhone has an excellent market in India over many years and the new entry of iPhone 5 in India has brought lot of interest for all Apple users.  The new smartphone has much to offer and seeing a takeoff with a witnessing experience in the near future with the most appealingly designed iphone 5 offering exceedingly smart features. Since Indian buyers are very comfortable with iphones it is likely that selling of iPhone 5 will be very high. Although officially iPhone 5 is not available in India, as per the info of online retailers there is lot of demand in spite of the fact that the pricing of the new smartphone is heavy.  With the good demand and reputation that is already present in the market, it is expected that there will be a growing interest among new customers to go for iPhone 5 and further the pricing is beginning at Rs 71,995. This price is for 16GB version and at the price of iPhone 5 16GB is at Rs. 79,900 and the 32 GB is selling at Rs.90,750. Although there is no official announcement in India about the availability of iPhone 5, there are opinions that iPhone 5 will be made officially available in India towards the end of October or early November.  But the grey market in India quotes the prices of three variants of iPhone 5 as below :

16GB: Rs. 76,000

32GB: Rs. 85,000

64GB: RS. 1,00,000

(Prices are approximate)

With latest updates from daily news and reliable online sources, it is definitely seen that iPhone sales and marketing will be very good in the coming days and there will be many successful reviews of customers from all over India.  This is because with the growing number of businesses in various sectors, the necessity of owning a smartphone has grown and also with the advantageous features arranged in latest smartphone, it is certainly assured that customers are at greater benefit with iPhone 5.  Further Indian customers are always willing to spend more on tech gadgets to gain more benefits and services apart from entertainment. Therefore it is positively expected that iPhone 5 will have a very good sale in India and will be appreciated for all the smartphone features arranged in iPhone 5. Further it is also true that Apple has lot of iPhone users in India and who will definitely prefer to choose the latest version of iPhone and draw most exclusive and innovatively benefiting services from iPhone 5.

With the good growth and appreciation for Apple products in India, it is definitely possible to add more customers and help in using advanced technology built in smartphone iPhone 5 and use it extensively for day-to-day benefits and also to maximize every opportunity and draw the facilities of convenience and comfort in every possible way.  Apple definitely has a very good market in India for the present iPhone 5 and also for the new products that are to be launched in future.

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