Macbook Pro gets a new SMC update to enable Power Nap

The 15-inch Macbook Pro has been updated earlier this week by Apple with a new recent firmware update that allows for the Power Nap feature to be enabled. With Power Nap, your Mac is allowed to update emails, software updates, iCloud files, messages and much more while it is in a dormant sleep mode. This SMC update can be availed of by users through the software update section of the Mac App Store. Once you install this SMC Update 1.0, users can then see the given option in their system preferences- ‘Enable Power Nap while on battery power’.

The Macbook Pro with Retina display and the Macbook Air are the only two present Macs running Mountain Lion and capable of using Power Nap. You need an SMC update corresponding to your device to update to the Power Nap option.

Although your Mac will be off to sleep in Mountain ion, Power Nap will see to it that things are done silently even then. You can update your mail and receive messages. Your contacts are automatically updated with changes made on other devices by you. For your calendar, you can receive calendar updates and new invitations. You will also get Reminder updates as per changes made on another device by you. Your iCloud documents will be updated with any updates made on your Mac notebook. Your Photo Stream is updated with new photos on your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. Updates from the Mac App Store can be downloaded as your notebook backs up during its sleep. Your corporate email gets updated securely. In a managed environment, your Mac can even receive configuration profile updates. To make it even better, you can locate your lost Mac notebook even during its sleep too.

When your Mac is plugged into an AC outlet and switched into Power Nap, your Mac does so much more for you. It will download software updates, perform Spotlight indexing, carry out Mac App store downloads, backup your device with the Time Machine, update Help Center and a lot more.

During the Power Nap, all the system sounds are put on silent. There are no fans or lights on. Once it wakes, it is good and ready to go again. Even if you use the features of Send Message and Play Sound of the Find My Mac during its Power Nap, there will not be a sound produced. Turning Power Nap mode on and off is very easy. You just have to go to the Energy saver panel of your System Preferences to do so. This feature is also enabled as default on a supported device when it is connected or plugged into AC power outlets.

When your device is running on the battery power, Power Nap is turned off by default. To enable it on battery power, you have to go to the Energy Saving Preferences pane, select the Battery Tan and then click on the checkbox for Enabling Power Nap while on Battery Power. Power Nap will not drain away your battery completely. If the battery charge comes down to 30%, the Power Nap operations will be suspended until a power adapter is connected.

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