Live frugal with your iPhone – Applications that can help you save your dollars

Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal on your iPhone when you’re already going through dire financial straits? Well, as the nation is going through a tough economic state where large number of households is drowning in a sea of debt, an increasingly large number of people are looking for tools that can assist them in saving their dollars. If you own an iPhone, you’ll be rather happy to know that this is a gateway to an entire world of savings on any kind of product or service that you may expect. Here are some iPhone applications that you may install in your smart phone in order to save money.

Groupon: This particular application named Groupon is a huge hit with iPhone owners and it said to be one of the most popular money-saving applications in 2011. The Groupon application will help you find the best deals in your area where you can save hundreds of dollars. Though you may find it strange to purchase a coupon, the savings can be clearly understood as you’re able to instantly see whether or not something will turn out to be a good deal. If you’re someone who loves to live frugal, you should live purely on as this particular website will offer you with tons of printable coupons and savings that can be applicable to your shopper card. This application can be downloaded without any cost and if you want to save your dollars, make it a habit to use the coupon system that is available through

Pushpins: Clipping all the grocery coupons may seem to be a time-consuming task as you have to find them out by sorting the newspapers and junk mails. Then you have to decide after browsing what you want to buy. You may spend your life in cutting the coupons from the newspapers and then taking it to the store. But with Pushpins, you can easily visit the store and check whatever you’re buying. The product will be automatically added to the register. You can check out this particular application if you want to ditch the scissors and the hassles.

Scandit: It often happens that you’re considering a purchase, may be a book or a television; you might be thinking whether or not the store is offering you the best deal at the most competitive rate. If you have this application in your iPhone, you can click a photo of the barcode in order to see the price that is being offered by the other stores in the market. This will help you compare and contrast before buying a thing.

Therefore, when you’re worried about saving money on the things that you buy, you should not miss having the above mentioned applications in your iPhone. Stay stylish and frugal at the same time.

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