Let us consider both the sides of the coin!! APPLE iPad : Advantages and Disadvantages

The technologies which have made the Apple ipad 2 advantageous over the apple ipad are really notable and are relatively newer to the mobile world. Apple ipad2 is using the 1GHZ dual core A 5 processor along with dual- core. The design of the apple ipad 2 did not change except for the black line which shows the position of the antenna in the phone. The main advancement in the apple ipad2 has been the technology which brought about a drastic increase in the phone price.

With this processor the speed is to be increased twice as fast and its display seven times faster as compared to its predecessor. This A5 processor also increases the battery life many a time as you can use the ipad2 up to 10 hours after full charging.

The camera of the ipad2 has been provided which is missing in case of the older ipad and this has been a huge improvement. The video quality is kept 720p for recording. Also Apple has provided the ipad 2 with their latest operating system, IOS 5.This is a huge step in advanced processing speed of this high resolution gadget.

The advantage of the apple ipad 2 starts with the fact that the pricing has made also very good for a on-budget buy. The design has been a huge success to the much awaited release of the apple ipad2 which seems to be much slimmer and lighter than iPad. With the design the screen size has been the same. The dual core A5 processor even though promised much higher battery life, the difference is not a huge one to be taken notice of.

The disadvantages even though are mostly competitive with respect to the ipad market; mostly it is the camera that needs to be increased in megapixels. Also some development of new technologies is expected.

With all this advantages and disadvantages, ipad 2, has been a definite improvement for the ipad lovers. The disadvantages are far less but the advantages are good to enough to make people buy one from paying a price that is fair enough. The ipad is in a process of development and more the advantages more is the price. So if you cannot wait for a new release it is advisable to purchase and enjoy one.

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