Know more about the new iPhone 4S

Ending up all the rumors of launch of iPhone 5, the Apple has recently launched iPhone 4S which is said to be the modified version of previously launched iPhone 4 model by Apple. This new model is equipped with some new features which will make the tasks easy. Some of the wonderful features of iPhone 4 are also included in this new model without giving them any changes.

The iPhone 4S is expected to be a better version of iPhone 4 which was in news for some of its faulty features. This new model will surely relax those people who loved the look and features of iPhone 4 and wanted the same handset with improved features. Here is a closer look of the iPhone 4S so that you may know what this handset has in store for its users.

The processor
Processor of the iPhone 4S is kept same as of the iPhone 4. Since the processor is good enough and there were no complaints from the previous set with the same processor, the Apple found no reason to change it. However, some changes have been made to the iPhone 4S and it has been upgraded from single core, as in the earlier model, to dual core A5 in iPhone 4S. This has not only enhanced the speed of the gadget as well as the overall performance.

iPhones are known for their best imaging features. The all now iPhone 4S is equipped with 8 MP camera which can capture clear pictures and videos in bad weather and low light. The face detection feature, which is first hand introduced with this gadget, makes it worth to purchase. You would find righter and clearer images in comparison to the images clicked with earlier models.

iPhone 4S is powered by the new technology names SIRI. This is also the assistant provided by Apple to its users for making the tasks easy and manageable. You can activate this technology in your iPhone 4S with the help of Bluetooth headset. This is provided with the handset for your convenience. SIRI allows you to send and receive text and text notifications, set reminders and make calls instantly.

Apple has learned from its mistakes and so it has tried to improve all of them in iPhone 4S. This latest gadget has an operating system which is upgraded version of its earlier handset. The IOS 5 is not only latest but is good enough to give a good speed and sound performance to this wonderful gadget. Through this new operating system, you can enjoy some of those services which were unavailable in earlier models. Twitter integration, Newsstand, iCloud, better notifications, Mirroring improved AirPlay and PC free syncing are some of the features which you can enjoy with the help of IOS 5.

iCloud is also introduced in iPhone 4S. This feature stores and manages all your content, music, photos and videos. This feature works with the help of iPhone 4S and can help you in finding your desirable pics and videos effortlessly.

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