Jailbreak iPhone 3GS Via RedsnOw

If you fortuitously enhanced to iOS 5.1 and desires to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS in that case you have come to the right position. I will take you through the complete procedure to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 5.0.1 exploit RedsnOw.

You can adhere to these step-by-step recommendations to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS speculation that you have already upgraded your iPhone to iOS 5.1

1. Download the RedsnOw for Mac and RedsnOw for Windows and keep the program in a folder file named “RedsnOw” on your desktop.
2. Tick twice the RedsnOw zip file and removes the application to the RedsnOw folder. Steer back to the RedsnOw folder and open the RedOw application.
3. After opening RedsnOw, tick on the Jailbreak button.

Windows 7 client should run in Windows XP compatibility mode the exe.

* Right tick on the RedsnOw exe.
* Choose the “Compatibility” tag.
* Choose “Run this program in compatibility mode for Window XP.”

Windows 7 and Windows XP clients should run RedsnOw as “Administrator.”

* Right tick on the RedsnOw exe.
* Choose “Run as an Administrator.”

4. You will now be encouraged to bung your iPhone 3GS speculation iOS 5.1 to your computer and turn it off. Pursue the instructions and tick on “Next” switch to shift to the subsequent screen
5. You will now require to set your iPhone into the DFU mode. RedsnOw will seize you through the indispensable steps:

1. Hold down the power key on iPhone for three seconds.
2. Now concurrently hold the “Home” key and keep the two keys pressed for ten seconds.
3. Now free the power key while keeping the “Home” key pressed until RedsnOw spots the device.

6. Your iPhone must reboot already. Please bear in mind to free the “Home” key.
7. RedsnOw will now begin preparing the jailbreak information.
8. You will now be encouraged to choose your preferred jailbreak selections. Make certain “Cydia” is chosen and choose “Next” key to continue.
9. Your iPhone will be rebooted once more and RedsnOw will now start uploading the novel RAM disk and kernel.
10. You will now be alerted once the jailbreaking procedure is full. Tick on the “Finish” key to egress the application.
11. Your iPhone will reboot again. Once it has rebooted, your iPhone must be fruitfully jailbroken. You must locate “Cydia” jailbreak application on your iPod touch’s home display.

For a somebody novel to jailbreaking group and considering what to accomplish after jailbreaking your iPhone, analyze out the jailbreak program’s explanation website to find out the programs you can set up on your iPhone using the “Cydia” application. Please see that some of the jailbreak programs and changes may not be appropriate with iPhone 3GS iOS 5.1 so please be cautious while establishing them up.

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