It is time to welcome Smartphones.

That is exactly what happened when the original iPhone was released in 2007. The iPhone 1 was Apple’s first foray into the cell phone world, and one that has served them quite well. IPhones are extremely popular options for many people. College students and grandparents alike loved the fact that they had the internet, their phones, a camera, and pocket-sized game console in one. And let’s not forget music player – the iPhone also served as a portable music player.

Prior to the iPhone, Blackberry phones were the go-to smartphones for users who wanted internet service and email along with their phones. But Blackberries were mostly marketed to and designed for businesspeople. Before the iPhone 1, the majority of consumers were not interested in the smartphones as available on the market.

My personal favorite ability of the iPhone is a slightly unconventional one…it’s able to find where I have parked my car, and I love that. There is an application for the iPhone that allows you to save your GPS coordinates when you park your car. You press the button, go about your day, and then tell the application to get you back to your car once you’re ready for it.

My second favorite part about the iPhone is the fact that it has made my commute to and from work so much more pleasant. Instead of having to bring a book to read, music to listen to, or even a map if I’m going somewhere unfamiliar, I can bring my iPhone and save that much space. I am also able to get out of the office on time every day because I can finish up last-minute emails on my commute as well. I am definitely one of the many who would recommend an iPhone to anyone who even thinks that they are interested in some of the features.

Of course there are some for whom the iPhone would not be the most sensible choice. First of all, they are more expensive than a typical cell phone. Second, the iPhone is only available on a limited number of cell phone carriers. It is not worth having mediocre or unacceptable phone service in your house just so that you can have an iPhone. And another caution- iPhones, especially the original iPhone need to be treated carefully, because they can (and do) shatter very easily if dropped. An appropriate case is really a necessity for anyone with an iPhone. As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The design of the iPhone has stayed virtually the same since the original iPhone was released in 2007. In the United States, the iPhone was carried by AT&T, which gave the company a stronger presence against its largest rival, Verizon. Over 6 million of the original iPhones have sold, and the first million phones sold within the first week. And let’s face it- virtually no one has wanted a plain old cell phone since.

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