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iPhone 5 is one of the smartphones which was released recently. Apple Company launched this gadget worldwide in September 2012. It is the sixth generation iPhone developed by Apple Company. It was one among the most anticipated devices in 2012. According to survey, more than 10 million people bought this gadget and enabled Apple Company to regain its No. 1 position in the market. The gadget was released with effective specifications that has attracted all the generations. Body of the device is well-designed, lighter and thinner. It has 4-inch display screen with high resolution. Its display has an ability of multi trace and LED taillight with 16M colours. This device has network capability of all ultrafast wireless networks like 2G, 3G and 4G. It runs on new A6 chip which works faster and you can load web pages, attachments instantly. Graphical performance of iPhone 5 is twice faster than A5. It works on iOS6 operating system. NFC range of this device is very low compared to other gadgets as it helps to connect with other smartphones easily for instant transferring of files. iPhone has good audio and video jacks along with best image quality. Developers introduced many apps in iPhone 5 so as to make it more attractive and effective to its users. Apps on iPhone 5 has simplified its user’s work and life.

Applications serve both personal and professional needs effectively. Some of the apps used for business entrepreneurs are as follows:


Key note is very much useful for entrepreneurs to create presentations for their work. Tools available on this app are designed themes, custom graphic styles, stunning transitions, animated 3D charts and many more. By using these tools it is very easy for business professionals to create presentations on their iPhone. Keynote automatically saves your files


It is one of the best apps to make reminders of all important activities as it helps to stay organised and remember everything. It also helps to save your ideas and increases productivity. By using this you can also capture photos of your work and include them in your presentation as it is very easy to understand. It also has a feature of voice reminders. You can create and edit notes, to-do list and tasks. It is easy to share notes via Facebook and Twitter with friends.


It is easy to store files of any format. Files can be added as favourites for easy viewing. Has an ability of auto saving photos and videos to Dropbox. No need of attaching any of the files, just share a link to them.


You can make advanced spread sheets by using functions available in it. It has intelligent keyboard, flexible tables and 3D charts etc.


This app has collection of thousands of books to read during your leisure time or to relive the excess stress. It is one of the best among eBook readers.


Using this, you can access thousands of audio and videos by just subscribing to podcast on iPhone and music is a very good stress buster.

Above are some of the apps which are useful. Square card reader, Adobe Reader, Smart Office 2, GoPayment are few other apps which are available on iPhone. All iPhone apps are made available on App Store site for easy downloading. Few are paid apps in such situations take a payday loan which provides the money you need. Payday loans provide you instant money without any credit check.

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