IPHONE3 –New smart phone with brilliant technology

The outlines of the iphone3 can be seen as the partly black and partly white. But the model can also be totally white or black. The iphone3 is much lighter than other phones.

The iphone3 was the most exciting and hyped launch by the apple. Due to the excellent marketing system and promoting the product apple was able to increase the craze for the iphone3. The iphone3 was the biggest point of discussion during the summers. The camera of the iphone3 was excellent and the iTunes was awesome. There was no noise coming I the new iphone3 as was in the other models of the iphone2. The battery of the iphone3 has a long live and the users can easily enjoy the entraining apparatus of the products. The picture taken by the iphone3 is very clear and is comparable to the taken by the digital cameras. The size of the iphone3 is good for handling and can be easily carried over a long distance. Thus the iphone3 is a good entrainment goody for the long travels. The iphone3 is extremely thin and can be easily kept in the pocket. The thin size of the iphone3 makes it to fit any pocket of your jeans. The iphone3 has eye catching hardware and very easy handling operating system. But sometimes the gadget becomes too slow and very small tasks like message sending takes a long time. But the multi tasking options provided by the iphone3 cannot match the other gadgets.

The outlines of the iphone3 can be seen as the partly black and partly white. But the model can also be totally white or black. The iphone3 is much lighter than the other gadgets launch by the apple. The iphone3 is lighter and easy to carry. The design of the iphone3 is innovated from the Mac Book air so the arc present on the back of the apparatus makes it look beautiful. The head phone connector which was an irritating problem has been removed by introducing a3.5 mm jack who is universal in nature. The headphone is designed based on the cell phone that makes use of different headphones possible. The network of the iphone3 has been improved. The earlier models of the iphone3 did not support the 3G network but the new I phone3 supports the 3G network thus making it faster and smarter. The iphone3 can support the network of 3.5G and it also supports both the CDMA and HSDPA networks. There are many in built in functions that are incorporates in the new iphone3. This includes the GPS system which helps the mobile navigation and helps to find the location. The GPS provides all the necessary options of any geographical area. The new iphone3 can record all the longitudes and latitudes. The screen of the GPS is god and it is easy to handle.

The battery of the new iphone3 has enough standbys and speaking time compared to the other versions of the smart phones. The speaking time in the 2G network is about 10hours and the standby time is about 300 hours. The iphone3 contain good software and it could many languages such as Japanese, Chinese and other languages of Asia. The iphone3 is cheaper than the other smart phones.

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