After a sensational market performance of iphone1; it created a world record by registering itself as the largest selling smart phones in the history. The un-expected popularity of Iphone1 has changed the overall financial condition of the apple inclusive and this made the company to gain a better financial strength. The remarkable number of iphone1 that were sold in such a short period of time was simply sensational. It was nothing short of a miracle for a company led by Steve jobs which was earlier passing through a lean phase and tough economic scenario. With many people started raising doubts about the company’s survival in the future. After the launch of Iphone1 the fortunes of the company has changed considerably.

Now in the latest development it has launched Iphone2 in order to drive serious business out of the craze that iphone1 has managed to develop. Although Iphone1 was a massive hit worldwide; but it definitely had some short coming. Many users complained that the quality of the camera was not good in Iphyone1.Similarly many users of iphone1 smart phone complained that the phone only supported the supported the applications and software’s that were only authorized apple Inc.Iphone1 also did not supported other software application that was not authorized by the smart phone manufacturing company. So people were frustrated at times because the iphone1 did not support some of their favorite and important software applications. As a remedy to this people started unlocking the iphone1, so that it could support the software’s of their choice.

Iphone2 was launched to overcome these shortcomings. This was done to ensure that people would remain excited to the upcoming version of iphone2.It generated a great hype before the launch with both old customers who were satisfied by the performance of IPhone1 wanted to upgrade their handset with the latest model Iphone2.It was also aimed at those potential buyers who had deferred their purchase of the iphone1in order to get the feedback about the smart phone from first time users.IPhone2 also provides some extraordinary features in addition to standard features of iPhone1.All the short comings of iphone1 has successfully been taken care of in the latest apple Inc smart phone iPhone2.This product is absolutely worth buying because it comes loaded with all the features of a high quality smart phone.Iphone1 was not approved by many buyers because of its high price.Iphone2 is very fairly priced this time and the features that boasts off, this time you cannot complain with the price. This is the ultimate smart phone which you definitely enjoy using.

The ultra-sensitive touch screen in iphone2 is simply phenomenal and you feel the soft touch the moment you touch it with your delicate fingers.Iphone2 is 3g enabled second generation smart phone. It has got a 5MP digital camera and 3.5 inch touch screen display. Moreover the touch screen is extremely sensitive, supports multi touch and very convenient to use.Iphone2 supports high speed internet and the back of the phone is covered with a shining black cover.

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