Iphone1- the World’s First True Smartphone

Iphone1 was the first smart phone launched by the apple Inc. This changed the entire perception of people behind the smart phone. Earlier, the Smartphone was considered as an item of luxury, and was not affordable to common man. But Iphone1 definitely had some brilliant features, which no other mobile manufacturing companies had at that time. This drove the craze among people and soon it became one of the most selling smart phones in the history.

After this apple inclusive did not look back and started launching next version of Iphone in order to gain from the early lead it has obtained by presenting one of the best Iphone of the decade. The feature that was loaded with Iphone1 was simply mind blowing and you could feel the luxury experience the moment you touch it with your hands. The Iphone1 made world to think that how so many applications could be easily accessible on a mobile phone. It became more than mobile phone for people rather it gave people a sense of pride when used iphone1 in front of their friends.

Iphone1 soon became a matter of pride for many youngsters and it was started to be treated as matter of luxury.Iphone1 was a great boon for serious businessmen especially those who have got their dealings with their clients all over the world.Iphone1 for such people became more than a mobile phone for them; instead it was the gadgets through which they would use to carry out their day to day business. Sending and reading electronic mails were not so easy before but Iphone1 made this a very enjoyable experience.

A person using Iphone1 would very easily use software application that was earlier only possible to be comfortably used in a personal computer or laptops. For gaming enthusiasts Iphone1 had a plenty of features to be explored; with games that we earlier used to play on our desktops would now be comfortably played in the iphone1.Iphone1 was a complete package for each and every section of our society. Music lovers would simply enjoy the quality of music that iphone1 offers. In fact iphone1 was a complete smart phone with all most all the extraordinary features compiled in a single handset.

Iphone1 gave a very clear voice quality and it is very enjoyable experience to talk with your friends on a hands free loudspeaker.Iphone1 has excellent speakers and very smooth in their function when they are under operation.Iphone1 is loaded with the best tower catching devices. So you do not have to worry much about network connection problem when you are using this advanced smart phone.Iphone1 supports GSM network connection that supports 2G and the overall weight is just one hundred thirty five grams. This iphone1 smart phone comes with a three and half inches TFT screen and offers multi point sensitive touch screen.Iphone1 screen is coated with scratch resistant material. It has got an internal memory of 4, 8 and 16 GB respectively. However it does not support use of any external memory card.Iphone1 comes with a 2MP camera and has got iPhone operating system.

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