IPhone vs Android phones

In today’s era of mobile market, Apple’s iPhone and Android phones are the top competitors. Apple’s iPhone is sure a way ahead and it has a great presence in over 90 major countries of the world, while on the other hand Android platform phones are catching up fast. Both types of phones runs on a different operating system platform and both have their own specific advantages and disadvantages.

iPhone platform advantages:
Easy to use interface: one of the big reasons why iPhone is so popular is because its user interface is designed in such manner that an individual can control and use it easily. No matter whether a person is technologically genius or knows everything about mobile devices, the iPhone can be figured out easily and in less time one can easily use it to its full abilities.

Great support with awesome features:

the latest iOS version for iPhone has covered up most of its weaknesses and has also given iPhone many new features. Its features include cut-paste, VoIP, peer-to-peer links, greater support for accessories and many others. Retina display is one of the great feature which gives iPhone display clarity that is hardly seen on any other device present in markets all over the globe.

Huge application library: iPhone, iPad users can enjoy the services of iTunes and the apple app store. On iTunes all entertaining stuff like music, videos, TV shows are available whether they are latest and advanced or old. On the other hand Apple’s app store is a place from where iPhone owner can download iPhone games, utility apps, entertainment apps and many more. There are almost 1.5 billion apps present on iPhone today which gives iPhone great advantage over its competitors. Applications in app store are very secure as they are specially designed for iPhone and i-devices only.

The Android platform advantages over the iPhone:
As we all know Android is an open OS up for eminent use for everyone that has led it to come into an alliance with many mobile brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC, Dell and many more. Different companies manufacture android devices with different set of features and thus it has allowed use of third party apps whose number is much larger than apples app store. On the other hand, apple doesn’t allow the use of third party apps which gives android an upper hand in this battle.

However the apps sold by apple are much higher in quality and are specially designed apps for iPhone and thus there is no threat from viruses or any other kind threat to run these apps. While android OS is wide open for the users as many apps are available on the internet which is not fully secured. So, there is a threat to OS to get corrupted easily in the absence of anti-virus software.

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