iPhone Rumors Hit a Fever Pitch

Every day we are reading more and more rumors and speculations about what Apple is preparing for its customers. It seems that a real competition was launched and the winner would be the one able to offer as many information as possible about the next iPhone 5.

The review also says that Apple’s tag line for the occurrence, “Let’s Talk iPhone,” is a referral to the new presentation control techniques designed by the company.

Some says that the next version will be only a rejuvenated formula of iPhone4. Others are giving as certain the fact that the new iPhone will have a 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB style. Some media reports anticipate two designs of the iPhone: a 4S style and a more cost-effective iPhone 4.

Other functions included in the new style involve a quicker operability, the functionality to run on both CDMA and GSM techniques and will be provided with 8MP digicam sensor. According to other sources, iPhone5 will use an improved wireless system and will have a high Wi-Fi capacity. Last but not least, it is estimated to be HDMI and OPTIKS compatible.

Not all reviews indicate, however, that the next style will be a 4S. Mashable said, quoting its special sources that Apple will expose a refurbished iPhone 5. We do not know anything about the starting price of the product, but the same rumors are giving as certain a starting price of $499m.

At the end of the day, Apple is the full master of this game. The “let’s discuss iPhone,” is aimed to test widely the markets and the needs of the customers. If we do a comparative research into the previous launching campaigns of other Apple products we will clearly observe that the same strategy was followed successfully: first, you observe the big amount of rumors circulating on the web and in the media; second, you officially launch the product. It may be a high risk beyond such a strategy, mostly when the expectations are permanently nurtured by the merry-go-round of the unconfirmed rumors. When the product is finally launched, the public may be disappointed to discover less than half the features circulating in the media.

The first iPhone was unveiled in 2007. It had a smooth looks, high-resolution display and a relatively user-friendly interface. From a generation to another, iPhone won more features and increased considerably the number of customers. Thus, it becomes not only one of the favorite iPhone products, but an important item proudly used as a social symbol by customers from all over the world.

How the iPhone 5 will look like is only a matter of months. We should be ready for the unexpected.

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