iPhone comparison with other phones to get the best gadget

Apart from Apple, there are many other companies who have worked progressively and created some of the best smartphones. All these smartphones have something different and unique to offer to their proud owners. Some of the best smartphones are developed by Samsung, Blackberry and Palm. If you are planning to buy a smartphone, you can go through the compassion to make a smart decision. This comparison between the best smartphones which are very close to Apple’s iPhone, will help you in getting a better knowledge about the technology introduced by other companies. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this exclusive comparison between iPhone and other smartphones and invest in the best one.

Basics of the handsets

The Apple iPhone weighs approximately 4.8oz. The weights of the first model of iPhone is little more than the successive models. The BlackBerry 8800 weighs 4.7 oz, Samsung blackjack is around 3.5 oz and Treo 700p is exactly 6.4 oz in weight. BlackBerry 8800 is very close to iPhone in weight comparison but it is much heavier than Samsung BlackJack and much lighter than treo 700p. The dimension of iPhone is 4.5”x2.4”x0.46”. The Samsung Blackjack is 4.5”x2.5”x0.5”, Treo 700p is 4.4”x2.3”x0.9” and BlackBerry is 4.5”x2.6”x0.55”. This makes the iPhone slimmest of all the other smartphones. Talking about the screen size, it is 3.5” with screen resolution of 320×480 mega pixels in iPhone, BlackJack, 2.6” with 320×320 mega pixels of screen resolution in Treo 700p, 2.2” in Samsung and 2.5” in Blackberry 8800 with 320×240 mega pixels of screen resolution in both of them. The biggest screen size of iPhone definitely makes it a winner.
Good memory of any handset is not only an additional feature by the manufacturer but a ‘must to have’ feature for every customer. The iPhone does not allow any external memory but is available in 4GB and 8GB in built memory capacity. The BlackBerry 8800 and Samsung BlackJack is available with in built memory of 64 megabytes each and have Micro SD, whereas the Treo 700p has in built memory of 124 megabytes and has SD type memory card slot.
All the smartphones are well equipped with good battery back up systems.

Apple is providing a 2 megapixel camera with its iPhone in comparison to the 1.3 megapixel cameras provided by Plam’s Treo700p and Samsung Blackjack. The BlackBerry is not providing any camera with its BlackBerry 8800 model.

You will get virtual keyboard in the apple iPhone, whereas, other smartphones like Blackberry 8800, Plam’s Treo 700p and Samsung BlackJack are providing physical keyboards to their esteemed customers.

Operating system
Operating system or OS of any smartphone makes it smart or waste. If your smartphone is having an effective OS, you can be a winner. It is important to check the operating system of your gadget before making your purchase so that you may not have to regret on your investment. The iPhone and other smartphones have developed their own operating systems so that their customers may get the exclusive operating systems which are compatible with the respective gadgets.
The iPhone is supported by OS X, Samsung Blackjack by Windows Mobile, BlackBerry 8800 by, Blackberry and the Palm’s Treo 700p is supported by Palm OS.

The network of all these smartphones differs from each other. You can choose the best network which can provide you uninterrupted services for a long time. The iPhone has EDGE or Wi-Fi network, HSDPA network is provided in Samsung BlackJack, EDGE network in BlackBerry 8800 and Treo 700p has EVDO network. Although, all these networks are considered best, but it is upon you to choose the best one to get 24×7 services.

Various models of iPhones are available in the range of $499 to $599. In comparison to this, the other smartphones are available at very low prices from $199 to $299. You can buy Samsung BlackJack at mere $199 only. BlackBerry 8800 and Treo 700 P are available at $299 each. This prices show a huge difference between them. You can go through the other details, specs and Apps made available by the smartphone companies to decide if these gadgets worth their prices set by the manufacturers. Also, there may be a bit difference in prices due to currency difference between the countries. As far as prices are concerned, you can also go through various online stores dealing in these gadgets to get the best deal.

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