iPhone 5- The Winning Champion In Smartphone War

Nowadays, world is crazy for having the most trendy and unique things. Consumers are ready to pay extra bucks for availing the distinctive products. Apple has always tried to consider the demands of consumers and that is the reason they have focused on producing something that has not been introduced by the competitors. The launch of iPhones has proved the concerns of Apple for its valued customers.

iPhone 5 is another masterpiece of Apple that is ready to hit the market of smartphones with many extra-ordinary features. The iPhone 5 is expected to come in front of the world in October 2011. It is expected that it will raise the bar of the smartphone market and will leave all the other phones behind. But, yet Apple has not officially declaring any comment over its upcoming product and letting the world anxiously wait for it.

From many sources it is found that Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will be having upgraded A5 processor that is also find in the iPad 2. The phone is expected to be having the dual core processor that will ensure high speed downloading. The iPhone 5 is expected to revamp the wheel of revolution and will be launched with the 4G network, as well. The video chatting and conversation speed will be tremendous with 4G network.

Moreover, rumors have shown that the iPhone 5 will be featuring the high end security system. It will have face recognition system that will allow only desirable people to get access with the phone system. The phone will not be useless for the rest of the world, as they will not be able to get access to it. The memory of the phone is expected to be 32 GB and 64 GB. Consumers will be having option to pay for the desired storage capacity.

It is accepted that the Apple will be launching the iPhone 5 with iOS 4 operating system. This will allow the consumers to take benefit from numerous applications and games. Battery timing has always remains a crucial issue with almost every smartphone; that is the reason; Apple has put special consideration over it. It is expected that the use of Lipo battery will enormously increase the battery timings. The talk time is anticipated to be of 14 hours with 3G network and 7 hours with 4G network.

The phone is predicted to be having the built in iPod qualities with high quality sound. The HD audio will be used to present the clear and crisp sound quality.  There will be two cameras in the phone; the rear facing camera will be of 8 Megapixels. The RAM will be extended than that of iPhone 4.

The exterior of the phone is expected to be made up of shinny carbon fiber piece at backside. It is also buzzing that phone will be much slimmer than its predecessors. Apple is intended to make the screen of phone stainless, scratch and drop resistant and shatter proof. This will allow the consumers to enjoy clear and crystal screen every time.

The time of launch is quite near, so get ready for welcoming another masterwork of Apple.

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