iPhone 5- The hype continues

The day since Apple Inc. launched the iPhone in the market it brought about a new wave of freshness. The world readily accepted the change. With technological advancements to keep the users allured Apple brought about new changes to the model time and again. With each new model it presented something new that allured us. The hype for the latest model of iPhone, the iPhone 5 continues. Each one of us is eagerly waiting for it to hit the market.

The iPhone 5release date is one of the most buzzing topics. it was initially scheduled to release on September 5. However, the latest buzz around is that it will be launched on October 21st. this time the chances of the getting delayed further looks very slim. The awaited model is the fifth model by the company. Speculations are that the phone may also be called as the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 will definitely be a step ahead from all the previous models. Going by the rumors around the phone will have some significant changes over its predecessor. Apple has always captured the market only because of its innovation. Features like Airplay and Facetime in the iPhone 4 gave it an edge over all the other smart phones available.

iPhone is known to develop with every model and with iPhone 5 the legacy continues. The phone is speculated to have a plethora of features that also include:

* It would be thinner with a thickness of only 9.3 mm.
* A much better and improved 8 Megapixel camera.
* A mind boggling 4 inch display screen, which is scratch and shatter proof.
* The battery is also expected to last much longer.
* The phone also will be NFC enabled i.e. you could swipe the phone to pay for different products.

Apart from everything mentioned above, Apple has already revealed that the new operating system, iOS 5 will have more than 200 new software features including iMessaging and notification center that would make using the phone fun and easy too.

As far as the prices of the phone are concerned, nothing can be said at moment. The prices of the phone on different networks are expected to be a little more than what you had paid for the previous model. Different networks have already announced their plans available once the phone releases.

The phone would create a rage in the market. The phone and its features are expected to dominate the market for months with no competition around. All eyes are set on the release date of the phone so that may get some definite answers to all their queries and to lay their hands on the technological beauty.

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