iPhone 5 on T-Mobile?

The collaboration between the two companies is developing smoothly, the main impediment for a perfect compatibility being of purely technical nature. Currently, according to the experts, Apple and T-Mobile USA are collaborating on various technological programs making possible the transfer of data and enhance the compatibility.

The cooperation between the two companies started last July, when the representatives of T-Mobile acknowledged officially the need to offer to the iPhones a better place within their share of the market.

According to Neville Ray, primary technological innovation specialist of T-Mobile, the communications between the two was not possible till now because the different features. He mentioned in this sense the dissimilar wi-fi systems used. Among the other aspects of the collaboration, the representatives of T-Mobile are also scrutinizing the various payment systems used for its customers.

However, Ray mentioned that T-Mobile’s exclusive array would need to accomplish the necessary functions in order to make sure the iPhone is ran properly on its system. In his opinion, the next Apple product will be able to fulfill successfully this function. Hence, the rumors regarding the possibility to have this cooperation sealed by the launch of the iPhone.

Ray said he has seen the plan of chipsets that Apple intends to use for its programs praising their functionality that may answer the needs of T-Mobile.

Even if T-Mobile gets the iPhone, the next iPhone5 edition is extensively considered to run on LTE, which is where the other three significant providers are going. In this case, the chances of a perfect cooperation between the two big companies look very limited by the reality of the resources.

Though T-Mobile has an extensively known array scarcity, Ray declared that for the case of some markets, setting up an LTE system may not be an unattainable goal. In certain places, the company could use the array set aside for GSM and switch it to its present HSPA+ system (applicable for the 4G cellphones).

Ray mentioned that the organization will always be competitive when it comes to increasing the capacity and degree of operability of its systems. T-Mobile is trying hard to take the full advantage of the AT&T difficult financial situation, by winning an important share of the US telecom market.

It will be interesting to follow up this competition from the point of view of the other markets, the European and Asian markets being among the most important.

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