iPhone 5 and its futuristic features

Finally, the long wait for iPhone 5 is over!!! With everyone speculating about the features of the most awaited iPhone 5 and guessing what its look and feel will be, we have finally got the most advanced iPhone till date. The recently released iPhone 5 has features which were never there in the previous releases. iPhone 5 has improvised the features of iPhone from its look to Built-in applications. Also, it is now more user-friendly. Let us have a look on the futuristic features of iPhone 5.

New Slimmer and lighter design
Now, it is a fast world and no one wants to be left behind. For this, one should have the latest technology in his pocket and still not feel the load. With just 7.6 mm depth and feather light weight of 112 gm, the really slim and classy look of iPhone 5 reflects the face of next generation iPhone and paves the path towards a more stylish future.

Less Fragile

No matter how carefully you use your iPhone, it is bound to fall or be mishandled unintentionally. To avoid the embarrassment you have to face by the unsophisticated look of your iPhone, the back body of an iPhone 5 is made of aluminium which makes it less fragile compared to its predecessors.

Better Aspect Ratio
After spending a long and hectic day at work, all you want is to relax a bit and while travelling for a late meeting, watch your favourite movie. The iPhone 5 does not strain your eyes with its wide and clear display screen with a high aspect ratio of 16:9. You can just sit back and enjoy. By the time you meet your client, you are recharged with energy. Typing on iPhone has never been easier; the long and wide screen makes it easy to move your fingers on it.

A6 processor with faster graphics chip
The A6 processor is 2x faster than the A5 processor. The graphics chip in iPhone 5 also makes it twice as fast which makes your browsing smooth. It increases the productivity exponentially.

High speed cellular and Wireless connectivity

With iPhone 5, now, you can browse, download and connect at unbelievable speed. The Wi-Fi connectivity is awesome and you can download enormous data is very less time.

Better battery backup
Not only the iPhone 5 is a sleek, stylish and fast iPhone, but it has a tremendous power backup. The A6 chip is customized to save battery power along with making it a faster device which makes iPhone 5 a much smarter iPhone. The battery can last throughout the day with efficient performance. What else can you ask while travelling to a long distance?

As when everyone is becoming so tech-savvy nowadays, iPhone 5 is a much advanced and user-friendly version of iPhone as of now. In other words, iPhone 5 is the new gateway to the next generation of iPhone which is made while keeping the fast and efficient futuristic technology in mind.

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