iPhone 5 advance booking – Advantages and disadvantages

With all the curiosity for iPhone 5, there are so many talks and rumors about various things related with this much awaited new gadget by Apple. You and many others would be curious to have a first look of this gadget. Well, the launch has been de

layed due to some reasons which include the unexpected launch of iPhone 4S, but the iPhone 5 will be in market soon. If you want to book your iPhone 5 there are many options and you can go for the best suited one.

Since the official launch of the iPhone 5 is delayed and there is no official date for the same has been announced by the company yet, it is tough to predict the arrival of this gadget in the market or the to guess the pre booking dates. If you want to pre book your iPhone 5 so that it may reach you first hand, you can book that through various online electronic stores. There are so many online stores which have started with the advance booking of iPhone 5. You can also pre book your iPhone 5 through the official advance booking website of Apple to avail this gadget soon after the launch.

The company may dispatch the gadget in batches and so an early booking may help you in fetching this wonderful handset without much delay. However, you might have some advantages and some disadvantages due to this advance booking facility of iPhone 5. Although, it is hard to tell whether there would be more advantages or disadvantages, but you can surely get your iPhone 5 at an early date soon after the launch.

You can undoubtedly book your iPhone 5 in advance through any of the websites which are available for this offer, but the undue delay may block your money for unexpected time period. The company is right now focused on the marketing and promotion of iPhone 4S only and all the attention has been shifted from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4S which may delay the launch of iPhone 5 for some more time. if you are booking your iPhone 5 in advance through Apple or any other online store, you might have to deposit the advance booking amount in prior. In case, any other company launches a smartphone and you wish to purchase that instead of iPhone 5 due to this delay, you will not get any refund and it will be a tough decision for you to make. Also, the sale and reviews of iPhone 4S may affect the prices and offers set by various online stores.

However, if the iPhone 5 is launched within few days, you can have a quick delivery of the gadget at your doorstep without worrying of its arrival in the local market. To avail this benefit, you might have to take a risk of making an investment by depositing the advance booking amount with the company. it would be better to check all the things before going for the advance booking option for iPhone 5 so that you may get the best offers and price for this gadget.

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  1. LuoYingLin says:

    leave more info!!!!!! i need this 4 a school project!!!!! something 6th graders can understand ppl!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. chethan says:

    i need the dis advantages of iphone 5

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