iPhone 5: A smartphone worth its price

The iconic iPhone 5 is certainly one of the most expected smartphone in recent years. It comes with several noticeable enhancements which cannot be laid down in the similar category as the earlier ones. At first sight one could be forced to think that Apple has removed a few features from the iPhone4. However iPhone5 which appears to be ultra slim has shed everything except the smartphone features; actually it has been developed with generous number of latest features which will certainly make you say -Wow! – . The iPhone5 comes with an enhanced camera, iOS 6, touch screen with wider edge, micro-USB port, micro-dock connector and much more.

Here are a few iphone5 features with detailed description of the iconic iphone5.

Usually every iPhone comes with a feature of being faster as compared to the one that was launched before it, enhanced in terms of speed, camera, battery, with addition to features that are newly installed to give better graphics etc. You will notice the difference when you use iphone5 smartphone. A6 chip has been added by Apple, which acts as a speedy processor.

The smartphone is worth its looks and price. The metallic and glassy look makes it stunning. The iphone5 is wider than the 4S and iPhone4 as well as lighter as light as 3.90 ounces. Another modification made by Apple was shifting the jack of the headphone towards the bottom.

The iPhone5 consists of three microphones. There is one at the bottom, another close to the earpiece, and the third close to the camera. The 3 microphones use a complex system termed as beamforming it lets the handset to identify where the sound is coming from, thus offering remarkable quality of sound.

Apple has developed several enhancements towards the features of the camera. Firstly, the lenses of the iphone5 camera are made of sapphire crystals to keep it from scratches. Moreover, there is an improvement in the resolution quality which is 8-megapixel, it helps you in taking pictures in dull places and save the photos automatically the moment you snap. What’s more, there is the remarkable landscape mode that lets you stitch photos flawlessly together.

The iPhone5 has a big display with the LTE 4G. With captivating features like voice assistant this is reliable and permits the user to operate without touching and Siri which is a new feature a smart assistant and performs on instructions. It makes daily jobs easier. It finds out which application to utilize for which jobs, and it figures answers to questions from sources like WolframAlpha and Yelp.

The iphone5 battery which is of 1,440mAh guarantees to last for as long as 8 hours with a stand by time of 225 hours.

Apple’s iphone5 maps oriented by vector perform better as compared to the map applications that were launched previously. It has spectacular views of 3D which are better compared to the Android smartphones.

Apple has stylishly integrated everything in iphone5 which a user wants in his/her handset.

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