iPhone 5’s debut in October to be supported by China Mobile

As per reports, Apple is going to make its latest iPhone completely global, using support from China Mobile. The Apple iPhone 5 is alleged to make its official debut in October 2012 as per reports and rumors. As per research notes, the fifth generation iPhone is to include support from China Mobile’s TD- SCDMA 3G network, which has over 65 million subscribers. This company is the largest of all cellular operators worldwide. This suggests that the above move of Apple is in order to place the iPhone 5 as one of the global devices.

The iPhone 5 is also to include support for its Chinese customers via the Siri voice system and iOS 6. It shall support a feature to respond and understand in Cantonese and Mandarin, and shall see the integration of social networking websites in China like Baidu. Other enhancements are to include 4G LTE modem, larger display screen, and a design makeover. The above features will bring about significant upgrading of the iPhone and make users all the more powerful than they were with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

The debut of the fifth generation iPhone is expected in October, which will give it a gap of almost a year since the last iPhone, iPhone 4S made its debut in the market. It is said that Apple is expected to sell up to 27 million iPhone sets in the second quarter and the sales could dip down to 25 million in the third quarter of 2012. This is a transitional phase for the latest iPhone to refresh itself as against its weakened demand.

iPhone fans are looking forward to the latest edition of the iPhone in order to upgrade their devices. There may however be a small problem as there is expected to be a new connector for plug in into the latest device, with news that it is leaving behind the 19- pin port and the 30- pin port. This has been independently confirmed by TechCrunch, a popular technology blog. This news sent waves of anger and shock through Apple iPhone fans and throughout the internet, leading to anger in fans who were did not expect to have to replace all of their iPhone accessories that they may fit into this new port. Ever since its iPod music player, Apple has stuck to the 30- pin port for all its devices till date. This shall change in the iPhone 5.

The launch of iPhone 5 is expected to coincide with the launch of the latest iOS 6 for mobiles, which was earlier previewed by Apple at the WWDC in June this year. There have been many additional features added to appeal to the Apple fans. Some of these features include Facebook integration of Calendar and Contacts, a new maps app in place of Google maps, upgraded Siri voice assistant and a passbook app as well. The maps app is to feature traffic and data on a real time basis and for local searches too.

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