IPhone 3G – First upgrade from apple

The iPhone 3G was Apple’s second phone and it featured many improvements over their first model. As is often the case with Apple products, the second-generation option often comes out on the market relatively soon after the first-generation, and it corrects several of the most glaring issues with the original model.

The second-generation iPhone was available from July of 2008 to June of 2010, and is no longer supported by software updates from Apple. This model significantly reduced the cost of purchasing an iPhone – as t he smaller-sized offering (8G) was priced at $99USD. The iPhone 3G also came in two color varieties- black and white. Users reported that there were problems with the white versions tending to form hairline cracks more often than the black version.

iPhone cameras were not changed for this second release of the iPhone, and were only able to take pictures, not videos. The quality of iPhone images has increased significantly since the original phones were introduced. Many analysts predict that digital cameras will become a much more difficult product to sell in the coming years, as many people are relying on their phone cameras rather than purchasing a second item with a more limited functioning.

Although many more people were able to purchase an iPhone because of its reduced cost after the release of the second generation phone, it can be argued that this phone was one of Apple’s least successful upgrades to the iPhone. It seems as though Apple was more concerned with price points with this model than with any significant increase in functionality. Battery life was also a concern with this generation of the iPhone, as well as the fact that the batteries would tend to heat up. For me, an iPhone is meant to be used to its capacity, at least during a work day, and an owner should not have to plug his phone in midway through a workday just to guarantee that it will not die on his commute home.

If given the choice today, I would probably not purchase an iPhone or an iPhone 3G, regardless of the price points of the phones. First of all, their software is no longer being updated by Apple, which means that the phone is quickly becoming obsolete, if it is not already. Second, many cell phone carriers offer phone upgrades every two years, and that makes me think that it is because the lifespan of a cell phone is only approximately two years. After that time, I think the phones must be so much more prone to problems and they run the risk of being more difficult to fix, as help desk workers become less and less familiar with their technology and their workings.

The one major positive that I will say about the second generation iPhone is that the changing of price point really seems to have made a difference to consumers. iPhones increased in popularity at an exponential rate when more consumers were able to justify their costs.

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