How you can draw more benefits from iPhone5

Apple phones have always received worldwide appreciation because of its outstanding and extraordinary designs.  The success of iPhones has already established its reputation and demand. It is still growing on a rapid pace. But the recent launch of iPhone 5 has many more in store for the benefit of Apple users.

But one of the main important questions that customers have is to ask how best and advantageous is the working of iPhone 5. To answer all queries and clarify about the best facilities made available in iPhone 5, it is important to know how exactly it works.

iPhone 5 works with LTE and works on a fast data speed that provides top speed of 150Mbps over wi-fi. All business users will surely appreciate the new ions 6 because of the facility to lock down ipads and also the new maps and navigation of iPhone 5 offers voice guidance and at every turn there is a help for navigation.  Especially SIRI feature helps you to find the nearby coffee shop or a gas station. There is no need for you to look up into the navigation directions as SIRI will guide you through.

Being a fire proof smartphone, iPhone 5 has extremely efficient gaming capabilities supported by multi-core A5 processor and with imagination technologies. iPhone 5 will offer 4G and works in compatibility with LTE.  Its battery time is more as compared to iPhone 4 and also offers I Cloud Service.  Further iPhone 5 will also store photos, apps, calendars, documents without using phone’s memory storage.

The feature of FaceTime is much appreciating as many travelers can keep in touch with their family and chat. Therefore being out of town no longer provides a disconnection with near and dear.  The passbook is for regular travelers who can store loyalty cards, movie, event tickets, airline boarding passes or rewards cards. Passbook can replace many kinds of cards and printouts and you can easily find when you need.  Another important benefit is, passbook can recognize that you have actually arrived at the place and it immediately pops up.

The improved Mail app is much appreciating for all business owners because of the fact that iPhone 5 offers VIP feature and you can never miss important mails from your boss, spouse, colleagues or important customers. The feature of flagged will quickly help you to find your VIP mail. iPhone 5 has a facility of do not disturb and SMS replies to incoming calls. You can easily put on the feature of Do not disturb on your phone and block all the incoming calls if you are in an important meeting or on a holiday with family.  Once the period of D&D expires, you will be able to receive all alerts and notifications. Also the new feature of iPhone 5 to answer via voice mail will inform the caller that you would answer the call later.  Further you also have the option of Remind Me later option. These are certainly useful on a daily basis in your daily working operations and this is simply outstanding.

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