How to improve the battery life of your iPhone

Nothing can upset you more than a dead battery on the go. When your battery runs out you are disconnected with the outside world that can be critical in times of emergency as you are unable to make any calls. So, we bring here a few tweaks that can help you reduce the battery consumption of your iPhone and help it last longer especially when travelling or unable to charge it. The battery of your iPhone cannot run forever but after implementing the following tweaks you will definitely feel some considerable difference.

A strict no to Bluetooth
Bluetooth is one feature of your device that consumes maximum power. So unless you are using the technology to connect your iPhone to a bluetooth headset, to your car’s music system or for any other specific purpose it’s better to keep it switched off. To do so, just click on settings, then tap on General and browse to Bluetooth. Finally, change Bluetooth On to Bluetooth Off.

Adieu Wi-Fi
Just like bluetooth, Wi-Fi feature is also known to eat up lot of battery life in no time. However, just be a little careful to switch it off because in case there are applications installed on your iPhone that need internet connection round the clock then switching it off may cost you a lot of money for network connections. To switch off Wi-Fi, click on Settings, Wi-Fi and change Wi-Fi On to Wi-Fi Off.

Stop the hidden background processes
Hardly many of us know that even if we are exit a few applications your iPhone device keeps them running in the background so that one can quickly access them later on. These hidden processes not only use a lot of your processor’s memory but also reduce your battery life despite the fact that you are not using them. One would be a little surprised to know that a single application reduces your battery life by 20% in less than an hour. So, if your phone goes out of life without much usage now you know the reason why.

If you want to stop these processes, then the easiest way to do so is to restart your iPhone by pressing the top button and slide it to switch it off. In case you do not want to restart it, there is one more way to do so. Browse to the home screen by pressing the button under the screen. Once there, quickly click the button twice. When you do so a few icons will appear on the screen. Tap on any one of those icons continuously for five seconds until the whole thing appears shaking. Then just click on the app you want to close by tapping on the red circle with the horizontal line.

A little brightness might help you out
It is one of the simplest yet forgotten methods to save battery life. The brighter your screen is the more battery it consumes. So it is better that you lower your screen brightness. Tap on Settings, followed by Brightness, and then slide the bar to the left to reduce the brightness level.

Notice the notifications
Notifications are one of the most alluring features of iPhone. One gets to know about the latest Twitter or Facebook update, new messages, or an update for an application via a pop up on the screen even when the screen is locked but then they also do eat up your battery. To disable notifications, click on Settings, then Notifications, then move the Notifications slider to off.

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