How to disassemble your iPhone 2

Disassembling electronic devices can be a lot of fun at times, especially when you are guided about the process by some one. Here is a quick guide on how to disassemble your iPhone 2.

The first step is to remove your SIM holder. For this, you will have to push a sharp object such as a needle in to a small hole present on the top of the device. Push it down and your SIM holder will come out. With this, your SIM holder is no longer a part of your iPhone 2. Use an opening tool, that is, a plastic tool that is strong and has a thin slim edge. Apply some force to pull off the antenna cover along the direction of arrows. You will have to exert sufficient force for this. With this your antenna cover is also off you iPhone 2.

Remove the three screws at the back. Use an opening tool to run it around the place where the back cover is joined. This again will require the application of some sufficient amount of force. This will loosen your back cover. Lift it from the device carefully. There will still be a ribbon cable connecting it. This connector is used for attaching like a socket and plug. You just have to lift it a bit and it will simply unplug with that. With this, your back cover will also be removed.

There will be ten screws along the outer edge of the iPhone 2. Remove all of them. Once you remove these ten screws, you can then remove the silver bezel. You have to disconnect three more connectors. This can be done by pushing in a tiny screwdriver beneath the connector and then levering it away to remove it. Remove the three other screws. Then you will be able to pull away the circuit board. There will still be a few wire connections so do not try complete removal of the board. The battery must be removed now. This might be a little hard as it will have a strong glue holding it in place. You must slide some tool under the battery and use a lever action to get it out. The circuit board and battery are still connected. You would have noticed that four connectors got disconnected when the circuit board was removed.

The mic can be left out. The touch screen and the LCD screen are held together with three clips on either side. Lever them out backwards a little. There will also be tacky glue at the bottom and top holding the two together. Use a hair dryer to heat the glue so as to remove the screen easily. Push a tool between the iPhone 2 and its screen to loosen it. A few ribbons will be coming out. Ease these from the back of the phone to prevent any damage. This will remove the touch screen and the LCD screen. This completes the disassemble process. Follow backwards if you wish to reassemble your iPhone 2. Learn more about the iPhone 1 touch screen , iPhone 3 specifications, iPhone 4 unlock and iPhone 5 iCloud

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